Authorities nab 2 in drug sales

CONYERS - Rockdale County narcotics officers arrested a man this week on charges of selling drugs to an undercover officer and then learned the same suspect had been arrested in Rockdale County two years ago for a similar offense. Emmie Leeangelo Marshall, 25, of 1225 Locust St. was arrested Saturday on charges of sale of cocaine and possession, manufacture, sale or purchase of marijuana. The arrest was made as a result of a week-long investigation at a local hotel, according to Cpl. Robert Cooley, Narcotics and Vice supervisor for the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office. The undercover officer learned of a man known as "E" and set up a drug buy at a restaurant across the street."Emmie got in the car with the investigator and once they completed the deal for the sale of crack cocaine, officers moved in and arrested him," Cooley said.After he was arrested for the sale of 1⁄8-ounce of cocaine, Cooley said the investigator discovered Marshall also had an ounce of marijuana in his possession.Cooley said officers learned that Marshall had been arrested in December 2007 in Rockdale County on charges of selling cocaine and Ecstasy to undercover operatives. Investigators further discovered that Marshall was wanted out of Clayton County for escape and had allegedly absconded from custody there April 18."This is a guy that makes you happy to arrest him, it makes you feel good to get someone like him off the street," Cooley said.In other news, Narcotics and Vice officers arrested Gregory Orville Linton, 32, of 927 Lochhaven Drive, Tuesday after he allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover officer.According to the incident report, the officer and Linton arranged to meet at a gas station on Sigman Road. When Linton pulled into the parking lot, the undercover agent got in Linton's vehicle."The male gave the (operative) a plastic bag, which contained a large amount of marijuana. The (operative) then gave the male $360 in $20 bills," the report completed by Cooley states."I approached the driver's side window and was opening the driver's door before the male knew what was going on. The male had all of the buy money in his hand and appeared to be counting it," Cooley reported. After placing Linton in handcuffs, Cooley found a small amount of marijuana in his left shoe and a counterfeit $100 bill in his wallet.Linton was arrested and charged with violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and forgery in the second degree.Aimee Jones can be reached at aimee.jones@rockdalecitizen.com.