WELLS: Would people know that you're a Christian at first sight?

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

What this country needs is more of Jesus.

And He is waiting, He is ready, but where are we? The ones who claim to know Him? If we lived like we claim Him, more people might know who He is.

What people need to realize is that a very real and loving God sent His one and only son to die on a cross to wipe away our sins.

And what the Christians of this country need to do is act like we know and love and serve the very real son of God, Jesus, who died for us all.

Here is a statement that might wake you up a bit: Every person that dies, dies with their sins forgiven, whether they are a Christian or not.

It is easy to blame this person or that person for why the world is the way it is, but what good does that do?

We have all missed opportunities to share the gospel, which is the good news, with someone. We have all gossiped, been a hypocrite at some time or another, and we have all refused to give grace and mercy to someone -- the very grace and mercy that Jesus shows every one of us with every breath that we take.

There is no excuse for acting the way we do. There are no excuses for not forgiving, for holding grudges or for walking around depressed all of the time.

Yes, the economy stinks. Yes, people mock and hate Jesus and those who go to the ends of the earth to spread His love. And yes, our list of complaints seem to grow daily.

But what about the good in this world? What about what is honorable and just? What about the people who are trying to make a difference? What about the hedge of protection God places over you and your family every time you walk out of that door and come home safe and sound?

What about the fact that you found a church you love? And when you go to church you are warm and dry?

What about the food you just ate or the fact you have clothes on your back? Or what about the car you drive?

So what if you don't live in the biggest house in town. So what if you don't have the best looking SUV.

So what.

Jesus first. Family. Friends.

People, that's what matters. Jesus said so. Jesus died for that very reason, because of people. And He lives because of that very reason.

Things are temporary. Life changes in an instant.

I ask my brothers and sisters to stop blaming one another, to stop pointing fingers and to do what Jesus called us to do.

Live your life in such a way that people are dying to know why you choose to live a life of freedom, of joy and of grace and mercy. Live in such a way people can't help but want to know more about your heavenly Father.

You know that I am Christian because I write about Jesus and because you've seen my profession of faith in black and white. But would you know that I am Christian if you just met me?

Ask yourselves that very same question. Jesus' very presence in someone's life and heart doesn't always need to be shouted. His presence was known among the most common of people. The One you serve should be evident whether you have a Jesus fish on your car, whether you are wearing a cross around your neck or whether your Bible is in your hand or not.

Here is the bottom line. We can't take all of the stuff -- money, drama, issues -- none of it to heaven. But we can take the people. When people see you go through trials in life and you are still smiling and still rejoicing the Lord. They will want that too. They will want to know why you can still smile and still have faith when everything else is falling to pieces.

Jesus first, remember. He is to be first in everything in your life.

And when He truly is, your life will be very evident of His love for all of us.

That is how this country will get more Jesus.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.anderson@rockdalecitizen.com.