RECIPE BOX: Pesto parmesan pasta can make a great family meal

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and I hope as you are gathered around the table with your family and friends that you have many things to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my new friend Carolyn Davis.

Carolyn is a mother of two daughters, a grandmother of four grandkids and a great-grandmother of two handsome little boys.

She is also the owner of Creative Hair Company in Conyers and a fantastic cook -- my husband can testify to that. He has had plenty of Carolyn's food over the years.

She is one of those ladies who has the ability to turn anything she touches into something grand and delicious.

I asked Carolyn why she loves to cook and she said, "It is fun." It shows that she enjoys cooking. She also said she and her daughter Tracy used to read cookbooks like novels. That's amazing.

Something else amazing about Carolyn: she and her best friend, Lisa Aaron, deliver a meal, including some of Carolyn's homemade ice cream, to Lisa's aunt and uncle, Fred and Glenda Lord, every week. Glenda is fighting breast cancer right now; Fred practically won't let Carolyn and Lisa in the house without homemade ice cream in hand.

Carolyn's recipe is also listed in her family's cookbook: "Recipes to Remember -- from the Rachels Family 2009." It is filled with all kinds of goodies.

By the way, I asked Carolyn what her favorite meal to fix was. Her response -- Thanksgiving meal. That is because her family and friends are gathered together at her home.

It may be Thanksgiving week, but this meal could be handy when out-of-town guests arrive for the holidays. Or make it next weekend when you are completely tired of turkey.

So, here it is -- pesto Parmesan pasta with grilled chicken, from the kitchen of Carolyn Davis. From the Wells family to your family, Happy Thanksgiving.