LETTER: Time for a change

What's going on?

How did we get here?

Is it really your fault or maybe even mine?


Let's begin back in the '60s, when baby boomers were impacting the economy and society.

We were busy working hard at starting careers, finishing school, dying in Vietnam, working at protesting everything we could, and didn't pay attention to what was going on behind "the green" door.

The Democrats were in power, so intrenched were they that they would not even tell Republicans when the committees were meeting.

The Republicans were so happy to be there that they didn't tell the American people that they were irrelevant. They just went along for the ride.

After JFK was killed, LBJ started the Great Society, because it was only fair that we leveled the playing field and give everyone who needed it a "hand-up, not a hand out." That was one of the buzz words back then. (This was a continuation of what FDR wanted to do, but he died before the second World War ended and couldn't get back to the socializing. Thank God that Harry had worked for a living when he took over and didn't think that way.)

But back to the story. With LBJ we were in the middle of correcting the social injustices during the civil rights movement and we decided to help everyone else while we were at it.

One of the Germanys, I forgot which one -- East or West -- but the good one, not the bad guys, we gave money to everyone who said it wasn't fair. We did well (or was it worked hard?) It gets confusing sometimes, doesn't it? We gave to every dictator who said that they were thinking of asking the Commies for some cash (couldn't allow that, could we).

We felt good about being Americans. We were special.

The problem was the politicians financed all this with our Social Security money. They used your future and stole from you and me.

Every time they took out a dollar they gave us a government backed bond that we are looking to cash in now and they can't pay!

So the Democrats want to continue to borrow so we can pay these countries that we were paying, pay food stamps (now we give credit cards instead because it's not fair that people on food stamps have to be embarrassed when they use the card to buy things that are not allowed, and with people online criticizing them.) Mommas get paid for having more kids, Section 8 house, two or three years of unemployment checks, Amtrack subsidized (so Joe Biden could ride home to Delaware every night. Thank God we elected him. Maybe he would agree to stop the trains or make them increase the fares and pay their own way like you do.)

Another hand-out is ethanol. Get rid of this and auto mileage would go up. Oh yeah, you get less miles per gallon with ethanol.

I personally had put the Republicans on probation back in 2006. It seemed to me that while the Democrats were on the express train toward socialism, Republicans were on the local (making every stop along the way, going to the same place just a little slower.) But now we have no choice but to trust the Republican Party to do the right thing. There is no other choice.

What it boils down to is the government that is in power now wants you, your kids and grandkids and great grandkids to subsidize someone else's lifestyle. We really don't have that vast quantity of needy in this country that we are currently supporting.

So unless each and every one of you want to mail me a check to keep up my lavish lifestyle, we need to change.

-- Bob Bala



Sundance 4 years, 1 month ago

You make excellent points my freind. But how do we change? I mean really?


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