LETTERS: Citizen readers get two great writers in Huckaby, Bisher

I am writing to commend two very fine writers on the Citizen staff. Darrell Huckaby and Furman Bisher are world class and are as talented as any columnists in the country today.

I first subscribed to the Rockdale Citizen in 1975 and began reading Huckaby when he first started. Through the years I have watched him improve and become a more entertaining writer each year. I think he has become as good as Lewis Grizzard and may one day be the next Mark Twain of our generation.

Furman Bisher has no equal in sports writing. His vast knowledge and years of associating with the stars and legends of so many different sports cannot be matched by any writers today. Name any sport and he has personal stories that will entertain.

I hope that all readers of your paper realize that they are fortunate to be able to enjoy the writings of two of the world's best writers -- in a small local newspaper. I would like to thank both of these men for years of entertainment. I look forward to many more years from both.

-- Larry and Nancy Loy



johndoemo 4 years, 3 months ago

I'm sorry guys, but Huckaby is NOT a great writer. He can barely keep his students attention in the classroom.


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