Rockdale Citizen Poll - 02-05-11

The Rockdale Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@rockdalecitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments about candidates seeking elected office.

"It's time for the city manager and the chief of police to resign. The problem the lack of positive leadership and the good old boy network."

"The English language has been corrupted in recent years. And I'm not talking about slang, used by so many young people. That is to be expected. What is so disappointing to me is the politically correct, sterilized words that are frequently misused and misunderstood. One of them is 'racism.' It has become the catch-all phrase of the decade. And it is only slung at white people, because if someone of the black race, or Hispanics, or some other nationality use this, it is 'reverse racism.' If you simply disagree with the opinions of a black person, you are called 'racist.' The second word I'd like to point out as being misused is the word 'service.' This word is frequently used by paid government officials and workers, who like to forget that they get paid exorbitant salaries to do their jobs. You're not volunteers doing charity work. And when I go down to pay my tax bill, it is only under threat of having my home taken away from me. The government does not provide 'service,' nor do the people within it. Finally, the last word I'd like to point out to all of you is the word 'anarchy,' which is frequently used by media outlets and government officials whenever a mob is unleashed, or a gang of people decides to destroy some property. That is not 'anarchy.' It is chaos. Anarchy simply means living without government rule. Learn the language folks. And understand that brainwashing is insidious. You don't even realize it is happening. Thanks to the Citizen for printing this."

"Last time I looked, hip hop and rap was enjoyed by both black and white kids. To CMS parents, if you bought your children clothes that fit (not two sizes too big) the students wouldn't be able to sag and violate the dress code."

"'Public' housing? I thought Section Eight fixed that problem. I now have jobless, irresponsible 'parents' living all around me. Perhaps the new Oden Towers high-rise will include room service."

"That was a good article about the 'stormwater collection' bill the county has sent out for years. I have never paid the 'rain tax.' I see that several eco-warriors employed by it have commented about this in a recent story. It exists to pay their salaries and those they pay to collect them. We had a sewer and water department here for years before the 'federal mandate.' No worries. I have a friend living in Fayette County who was very interested to learn the stormwater 'lien' he was served with by his local sheriff has no legal standing. Leave us alone and keep fleecing the sheep for your paycheck. Be satisfied with your current collection rate. Better yet, get rid of those of you involve in 'collections.' We will never pay and the sheep will keep writing you a check. That's a better return rate than any business has for 'debts.' This federal 'tax' or 'fee' the county is charging will go to paying the wages of people here who oversee and collect the money. The rain keeps collecting as it always has. I'm not paying a tax for rain and neither should you. I know it's not a bunch of money, but what will they come up with next? When a local government can send you a silly bill the sky is the limit."

"Stormwater tax rip off: Yes that is just what it is here in Rockdale County. I can see why people aren't paying this crap of a tax. Average bill for this is about $40 for what? Next thing you will see is that they will add my vehicles to this because they cover the grass and has the water run off to the street or neighbor's yard or some drainage that does exist because I don't live in the city ... There is no drainage ditch or stormwater drain for miles."

"President's speech ... What a joke, he asked for the parties to work together ... He should have done that when he first came to office ... instead he had all the parties behind closed doors ..."

"What gives the Board of Commissioners the right to decide what charities are worthy of our money, our money, not theirs? At a time when money is so short for most people let us decide how much and to whom to give our precious charity dollars."

"Reportedly, a particular Superior Court judge in Rockdale County is not sympathetic to drunk drivers. I would like to hear a public response from the judges of Rockdale both on the municipal level as well as the state. Their collective silence on the state of affairs with the law enforcement community is laughable. Conyers has long been considered corrupt by more than a few. Gov. Deal, Rockdale needs to be investigated."

"I recently saw on the TV news that a female school superintendent in a nearby jurisdiction recently received a salary increase to $230,000 per year in order to bring her salary in line with others. That same week, I heard on TV that an assistant to the president of the United States working at the White House earns between $160,000 and $170,000 per year. I realize that school operations affect our children but I always thought that good teachers were the key to a good education. Can someone please tell me why the superintendent job pays so much more?"

"Regarding the comments in reference to the congestion at the Dogwood/Highway 138 intersection, I'm not sure if I agree that it has intentionally been designed to produce revenue but it definitely needs to be addressed. I have been surprised at the things that rile people up to the point of writing to the poll, yet the traffic congestion in Conyers is mostly not mentioned. There are many lights in Conyers/Rockdale that are laughable at best. A string of cars backed up 20 deep to allow non-existent cars a left turn green is amusing, you must admit. The environmentalists want me to buy a $35,000 hybrid to save fuel but yet the government allows an unknown quantity of fuel to be 'idled' out waiting at intersections, and of course the fuel wasted on starting and stopping for no reason. I used to see it every day, but I found my solution. I hope that more people will consider shopping at businesses out of the county. I hate to do it, but I can drive to the Walmart in Newton County and also make my Home Depot run in one stop. It's no hassle, no stress and on weekends it saves time. Yes, Newton County's actually kept traffic moving with minimal delay and the lights work at Exit 93! I live on the west side of town on Flat Shoals and work on Salem Road. I'm sure all of the businesses in town are happy to hear that the traffic light situation across town on Flat Shoals has changed my route to I-20 West to Salem Road. That's right, It's 10 minutes quicker on most days to travel the extra 2.5 miles. This also results in quick detours into Newton County for any weekday shopping. Walton, Gwinnett and Henry counties are very close as well. I look to the business community to put pressure on the leadership in our county because, face it, they have influence. I will continue to contribute to the economy of neighboring counties with my purchases, and of course they get the tax revenue."

"I have been paying my stormwater bill each year as I thought everyone else was required . I guess I was wrong because apparently not everyone is. I read in the poll Saturday, Jan. 29, one pollster stated he/she had not paid and will not pay this year. I am guessing that household is not the only one. I also noticed the bill list a late fee of not paid. At our home funds are also tight, and I feel for families that are really struggling, so my question is what is being done about people not paying? I hope that doesn't mean people like us are picking up the slack. Also, have the BOC meetings normally shown at 10 p.m. no longer broadcast? Thanks."

"Dave Cathcart = work horse. Gene Wilson = show horse."

"When will they please change the law, if you think you're old enough and a man or woman to take someone's life during the commission of a felony, the courts should be able to take yours, and not after 20 years on death row, like most of all the convicted murderers get to enjoy! So sorry to the family of the gentleman that stepped into The GameStop and had his life ended so suddenly!"

"Late mail, again! Business first class envelope with postmark 12/07/2010 was forwarded (we moved locally) and arrived 1/29/11. The forwarding label has 1/27/11. Why did it take 54 days to arrive? Yes, 54 days. That is almost eight weeks. Must be some kind of record for poor -- slow service!"

"Thank God for the rocks at the intersection of I-20 and Highway 138. They are so ugly that not even the gangs will tag them with graffiti. I believe this is Conyers' first step toward reducing gang activity in our community."

"Didn't I hear Obama promise there would be no tax increase for people making under $250,000? He broke that promise also. My income is considerably less than that, but my taxes went up over 2 percent. That may not sound like much, but, being retired, it certainly is to me! Are there any promises that Obama has actually kept?"

"Oden and Nesbitt have shown they care nothing about saving taxpayer's money when they vehemently opposed the suggestion to shorten the early voting period. I guess they feel they need extra time to con people into voting for them, but this is an extravagant waste of money. Someone at the state level however has introduced a bill to lower it statewide."

"I was recently involved in a hit and run accident on Dogwood Drive in Conyers. I was the one that was hit. I was going down the road late last Friday afternoon the next thing I knew the car beside me decided to come over in my lane with me. My car was hit on the driver's side by this person driving a black SUV pulling a u-haul trailer. I pulled over to the side of the road expecting the other driver to do the same. But no the other driver continued on down the road, so when the police got there I was the only one there waiting for him. So now my insurance has to pay to fix my car. I guess this is the kind of people we have living in Rockdale County now. They do not take responsibility for their actions. I hope this driver gets what he deserves at some point."

"Question: If you are what we would once have referred to in Rockdale County as 'my neighbor' and you are the kind of person who tells your offspring to 'go outside and play' and then feeds them nothing but candy bars, fruit roll ups and pasteurized, processed cheese food slices all day long, at what point should DFACS get involved? (I know all this because all the wrappers end up thrown down in the road or on my property and I have to pick them up and dispose of them properly! Yes, Virginia, there are still people left in Rockdale who would pick trash up -- even though they are subjected to ridicule!)"

"I just heard that some people are going to boycott Chic-fil-A because they find their family values offensive. Don't you find it funny that they are mad at Chic-fil-A but are doing nothing against Starship stores or massage parlors or strip clubs or liquor stores. People amaze me."

"Is anyone else tired of the Middle East mess? If we could replace gas engines, we would take the power away from the cavemen in the desert. Right now we are pumping billions into their fascist pockets and they will want to go to war with us in the future. Soon they will start buying bombers and subs and we will be in trouble. Someone needs to invent a new way. It can be done. We were the first on the moon."

"I wish people in this community would educate themselves before posting on here. I am an employee with RCPS. I am not a teacher. It completely amazes me how teachers get on here and complain, complain, complain. I understand you have a tough job. I respect your job and I realize the demands that are placed on each one of you. Kudos to you all! However, please stop saying that the people at Main Street have 'nothing better to do' or that we 'don't work' or we are 'over paid.' I for one, have plenty to do. I work very hard and I am not even close to being overpaid. I love my job. I respect and admire those in positions above mine, beneath mine and equal to mine. But I am really fed up with the cracks about the employees who work at the county office level. I will also say this, Dr. King and his cabinet work countless hours. If you don't believe this, shadow them for a day and see if any of you could possibly keep up! They sacrifice a lot for our school system. Their job does not begin at 8 and end at 5. It is 24 hours/7days. The citizens have a right to voice their opinions, but again, before you make accusations, you might want to do your homework."

"Not one player from Heritage or Salem football player signed to play at the next level on National Signing Day. Something is wrong with that picture. Come on coaches, you need to do a better job on getting these kids college scholarships. Stephenson High in DeKalb County had over 20 football players signed. I bet that all of them were not the best ball players, either. Note to parents: You are going to have to start marketing your child yourself to these colleges."

"I do not mind the police going anywhere they need or at speeds when the need warrants. But I do dislike it when they do not follow the rules we are to follow. On Monday a Rockdale County car traveling east on Highway 138 turned on its turn sign and turned left onto Parker Road against a 'no left turn sign.' Please don't give the wrong impression."