Mom, toddler victims of home invasion

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

CONYERS -- Police are investigating a home invasion that may not exactly have been a random act of violence against the victim and her 1-year-old daughter.

The incident happened just after midnight Friday, Jan. 28, at the Windsor Creek subdivision on Revel Cove Drive, right off Flat Shoals Road.

According to Conyers Police Department reports, the victim told authorities that she and her daughter were upstairs in the home's bedroom that Thursday night. The woman dozed off while watching TV and said she awoke to two men in black stocking caps wielding handguns. The men demanded to know where "the money" was, according to the incident report. The woman told her assailants she did not have any money and said they could search the house.

The report said the robbers then asked the woman, "Where's your ni--a at?" referencing the woman's boyfriend. The woman said she did not know.

The robbers held guns to the victim's and baby's head and threatened to shoot the woman if she moved. The men tied the woman's hands behind her back with a laptop computer adapter cord. She and her small daughter stayed in the bedroom for some time until the woman thought the men left the house and the victim was able to free her hands. Her cell phone was missing and she went across the street to use a neighbor's phone to call police.

Police responded and found the house ransacked with the back door frame cracked where robbers apparently pried the door open. The older model Camaro in the garage had also been searched and was left with the trunk and all doors open.

The woman told police she first tried calling her boyfriend, who did not answer. She then called her sister and waited at the neighbor's home until her sister arrived.

Police questioned the neighbor who told authorities that the victim appeared normal when she asked to use the phone. And she was reportedly smiling while she was talking with the neighbor and apologized for disturbing him.

The woman and the child were unharmed in the incident.