Rockdale Citizen Poll - 02-19-11

The Rockdale Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@rockdalecitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments about candidates seeking elected office.

"Why has there not been a follow-up story on the CPD officer arrested for DUI? ... The three CPD officers that violated city policy were persecuted by the media. The chief has suddenly gone quiet. Am I the only one that finds that suspicious?"

Editor's note: The Citizen has filed an open records request for the internal investigation findings involving this officer. These documents are available to the public 10 days after the investigation is completed. The Police Department has informed us that the investigation is ongoing.

"To (a) Conyers Police officer ... I would ask that the next time you decide to drive on the wrong side of the road so that you can pass cars that are waiting patiently for a train crossing to clear, please activate your blue lights and siren for your safety and ours. Thank you for your consideration."

"Thursday's BOE meeting was a great opportunity for Jean Yontz to condescendingly tell the guests how the BOE works. She explained that the BOE doesn't work for us, but for the education of all students. So I guess it was the education of all students that voted her into office?"

"Give it up, Richard. We've weary of your act. Any one of the three announced candidates for BOC chairmanship are so much smarter than you."

"Richard Oden has been the most divisive chairman we could have elected. How hypocritical of him to say he wants to 'reunite the community.' Richard cares about this community only to the extent of what he can get out of it."

"My comment last week about the Rockdale Citizen only covering Newton area sports instead of other counties was meant as sarcastic. I know the reason that Newton sports are covered. It is the same reason that Rockdale news and schools and sports are an after-thought in the Rockdale Citizen. Because the owners of this paper are not from here and manpower priority is given to Covington stories. That is why they have forgotten about Daquavious Mapp and are refusing to hold the police accountable. The Rockdale Citizen has written off Rockdale!"

Editor's note: News and sports staffing at each of our papers is equal, and equal attention is given to each market. The Rockdale Citizen and its sister papers are owned by an investment group in New York City that does not make editorial decisions for the newspapers.

"You probably won't publish this, but this is my way of thinking as a retired senior citizen who has worked hard, retired, then can't even get help when down. Kudos to the senior citizen (just as I am) about being behind women who get food stamps, pay minor amount of money and driving new cars, fancy nails, while she may have only $16 worth of food stamps for the month. Why do these lazy women get all the amount of food stamps and we who have worked hard all our lives, retire and get only $16. Where is justice? Make them go out and earn their living, raise 4-5 kids, get the support money from the different fathers of their children instead of the government money. This would help us elderly senior citizens."

"To last week's commentor who stated, 'For several years there has been a pair of sneakers hanging on a power line going across Oglesby Bridge Road.' Either you are a clever advertiser working in illegal pharmaceutical sales, or you really didn't know that this is the new generation's way of identifying where to buy drugs. Keep your eyes open: you'll find random objects (usually shoes) suspended in air all around town."

"The Saturday headline in the Rockdale Citizen says 'Chairman Oden to seek reelection.' Great! Game on! The day after the 2012 election I look forward to the headline 'Oden loses bid for second term.' Come on Rockdale. Let's show him how it feels to be a one-term wonder!"

"I did hope I would receive some response about the BOC meeting time on Channel 23 and if it has changed air times. Also, I feel as if always referring to Mr. Oden as king is just uncalled for. Name-calling never changes anything, and what is the purpose anyway. Also, I guess I was mistaken, but I thought Mr. Mills was mayor for everyone. He sure comes across that way."

"I would like to thank our school superintendent, Dr. Samuel King, for giving us Program Challenge parents a chance to be a part of the dialogue regarding the proposed change to Program Challenge. The reciprocated support he demonstrated by sidelining this proposal until the stakeholders could have some input shows wisdom, patience and understanding on his part. Board members Darlene Hotchkiss and Jean Yontz could certainly learn a lesson about class and decorum from Dr. King instead of using their BOE position to speak condescendingly about or to the parents who showed up to speak."

"I have just been reading about some of the winners on the Georgia Lottery page and for people I don't even know I get tears in my eyes. I hope all of these families put the funds to good use. Maybe, just maybe one day I will read about you and me."

"I have lived in this county since 1973 and am saddened to see the quality of life sink as it has. I had a friend who worked at the federal pen in Atlanta as a guard before retiring last year. He told me that this practice of young men wearing their pants down around their knees is called 'sagging' and started in prison by those men who wanted to signal they were 'available.'. I know this is disgusting but wonder if those who wear their pants this way are aware of how it got started and what it means? I'd like to think not. I realize the Citizen is a family newspaper and you may choose to not publish this, but think the public might want to know. I am tired of going into restaurants and other public places of business and seeing young men with their pants down so low their underwear and upper legs are exposed. Thanks."

"OK, folks. Nobody is going to look out for our interests but us. When we go shopping, we need to go to the furthest point on our schedule and work our way back home. No more zig zagging back and forth across the county to get everything done that needs to be done. It takes a lot of gas and that's wasting money. The rising gasoline costs are governed by supply and demand. The more gas we use, the more it increases. If we buy less, they must reduce the price or they cannot sell it. Whatever we look to buy in stores, we must check the label. If it is made in China, Mexico, or any other country other than the USA, we need to put that item back on the shelf and do some comparison shopping to find merchandise Made in the USA! It's time we stopped supporting other countries and start looking out for ourselves. Amen?"

"Feb. 12 was Abraham Lincoln's birthday. How many of us celebrated it like we do Dr. King's birthday? I have heard nothing about a parade or a speech to honor the man who actually freed the slaves. Wow! A white man freeing slaves. How original. I think someone forgot to mention this over the years. If you're looking for a way to move on with your life, you might want to remember this fact."

"Why would a recreation department coach, coaching T R A I N I N G league kids, be allowed to use his cell phone during a play-off game Monday, Feb. 14?"

"Post Office carrier delivered a Christmas Card today, Feb. 15. It was postmarked Dec. 20 about 400 miles away. That is 58 days and just under 6.9 miles per day. Maybe they routed it from carrier to carrier."

"I thought Howard Greer with First Baptist Church of Conyers were the go-to people for Mercy Heart. What happened?"

"Where is the money coming from for a 'Dog Park?' If other counties have them, why do we need one? There are greater needs in this county. Let's show a little creativity and come up with some fresh ideas that would make us stand out and be attractive, instead of being like everyone else."

"I think it's great to have a park for dogs and citizens of Rockdale County. Walking trails and children play areas are greatly needed. I was visiting my friends in Kennesaw and saw their park and it was wonderful. Things for everyone. Family picnic areas, a patrol on duties for safety. Lights for evening walkers. I suggest that the officials go and see how they set up this park because it's one of the best I've seen. Also, I think the Sigman and Abbott road area would be a great place for this. It's where the amusement park was once going in at one time. It's very important that a park has a full time patrol officer on duty. Hope the county follows through on this park."

"I went down Highway 138 in front of Heritage High School at 7:45 a.m. the other morning and the school sign was not blinking; I went by Flat Shoals school this morning at 8:20 a.m. and the signs for school zone were blinking. What gives? Who is in charge of these signs? They are way off synch. High school begins at 8 a.m., elementary school begins at 7:35 a.m. Why are these school signs so messed up? Who in the world is in charge of them? Concerned parent!"

"Buck Vaughn a former CPD officer ... nah. Really? I'm still so confused over this story ... my head is permanently numb!"

"My comment is with regard to the ads of Cheap Stuff. How come we don't limit it to at least just three items? There has been one person that has been running many, many items."