Rockdale Citizen Poll - 07-23-11

The Rockdale Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@rockdalecitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments about candidates seeking elected office.

"Once the Extreme Home Makeover Team is done in Madison, maybe they can come here and help us with our Board of Education extreme makeover!"

"The days of free stuff should be over. In this economy everyone should be required to chip in. I suggest that if parents sign their students up for free lunch, they should be required to volunteer in the county doing something. The same thing for people receiving government subsidies for housing. They should be required to work in the community somehow. The days of just moving here and getting free stuff with no contribution should be over."

"Congress will not allow an increase in the Social Security COLA (cost of living adjustment). However, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010, $120.20 for the year 2011 AND Yearly increases to a wonderful $247.00 in 2014. Thank You Obamacare! Congress also gave themselves a $3,000 a month Cost of Living Adjustment! Remember this in November 2012."

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. (Thomas Jefferson)"

"Confucius once said, "He who does not demand rigor of his own education with a doctorate from Argosy cannot demand rigor in his county's classrooms as superintendent."

"To the person asking about paying the stormwater bill, I totally agree. My bill went up this year, but I paid it, anyway. I have since learned that several citizens have not paid it ... Ever! Why should my bill go up to make up for the lost revenues of other citizens? I am on a very tight budget and should not be expected to cover other peoples bills. Those of us who are doing the right thing and paying the bill every year are the ones being punished, not the ones ignoring it."

"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living."

"This is in response to last weeks item on the Fair Tax. I'm delighted the caller is bringing this to everyone's attention. We must spread the word. The poster stated we will be taxed according to our spending. This is true. However, I must clear up a very important misconception. The sales tax would not be raised 23 percent. All manufactured items have approximately 23 percent embedded taxes that are passed on to us by the manufacturer. These are the taxes the manufacturer had to pay their suppliers for all the parts it took to make the particular item. With the Fair Tax all embedded taxes will be removed. When you purchase that item you will pay a 23 or 24 percent sales tax which makes the item cost the same as before. Plus every household will be receiving a 'pebate' check at the beginning of every month based on the size of the household to cover basic necessities. Please visit fairtax.org or read the book and study this carefully. Don't be mislead by those who want this to fail. Be informed. This is truly a win-win."

"To the person who said if they wanted to live near trash they would move to North Rockdale, go back on the couch and eat more bon bons."

"While I have not had children in school in many years I believe we do not understand the underlying reason for all this teacher cheating. We have legislated out our moral core. We do not demand respect or courtesy. We put teachers in the class and tell them if their children do not make a certain score they are to blame. I personally would not take the humiliation we put them through. Children who don't behave should be in controlled environment where those who wish to learn can. All children are not college material. Many are not leaders, many can't even follow. Look at the news every day; teenagers are committing more crime. We have bred a society where work does not pay. Welfare is rampant, and we pay girls to have one baby after another with no consequence. We are as much to blame as these teachers, so take our share of the blame and raise responsible children. We have to start with our laws and law makers don't vote for poor leaders."

"I think the federal government under President Obama has become an alien life form that has invaded our country and wants to devour our freedom all under the pretense that "they" know best what is good for us because we are too stupid to take care of ourselves. Vote Democrat if you are too stupid to take care of yourself. There is a warning -- sooner or later the Democrats will run out of rich people to take money away from to give to you. Then, you can be Greece."

"We are going to be gifted with a health care plan we will be forced to participate in and fined if we don't. It will over 10 million more people without adding a single new doctor but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents. It was written by a committee whose chairman admitted he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempted themselves from it. It was signed by a president that smokes and funding is administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes. What could possibly go wrong? So, President Obama says, 'I know. Instead of the race card this time lets play the Grandma card.' I will tell them they won't get their checks. Don't mention the social security trust fund that guarantees their checks, they won't know the difference."

"To the person about houses that need to be torn down in South Rockdale, I agree Conyers does have some. For you to say if you wanted to live in trash you would live in North Rockdale. There are many beautiful well maintained homes in North Rockdale and many nice folks as well. Shame on you for that part of your comment."

"Yes, this Salem thing is a mess. Because uninformed people make it a mess, I for one told a friend years and years ago that Salem can't use that logo. There was at one time a traveling baseball club in Conyers that used the same logo, haven't seen it lately. To the person from last week's Poll, it's not the name Seminoles or Bulldogs, it's the copyright on the logo. Sorry, but Florida State is totally right. It's theirs.

"I hope this will lighten someone's day. I have been viewing some of my friends on Facebook from the past, and I can see I have managed to hold up pretty well. At 64, my husband still tells me I look good and I'm starting to believe him. He looks spiffy at a young 66."

"I recently purchased a quite expensive Chevrolet pickup truck. I purposely bought an "American" made car thinking maybe my purchase might help some auto worker hang onto his job a bit longer. So I pick up the truck and start home. I then notice that there is a roll over warning sticker on the sun visor. This non-removable sticker is in both English and Spanish! There are other places on the vehicle that also have Spanish instructions. I bought an American automobile where we speak and write English! I don't want Spanish messages all over my purchases. When is this going to stop?"

"To the person who complains about houses on Troup Smith and Crowell roads. If you look beyond your turned up nose you will see south Rockdale has just as many run down and foreclosed homes as north Rockdale. You owe the people of north Rockdale an apology for calling them trash. We do not need people with your mentality in Rockdale County at all, so why don't you just move back to wherever you came from. Maybe you will be happier with people of your own kind. People who think they are better than anyone else. I agree that there are eyesores that need to be addressed but that does not give you the right to label a whole area as trash. Next time give a little thought to what you say before you open your mouth."

"I want to thank the Rockdale Fire Department and Sheriff's Office for their rapid response to my 911 call on Monday. They were perfect professionals. We are very lucky to have such dedicated public servants in our county government. I don't know their names, but my family and I went from panic to calm once they arrived. They even prevented a barn fire while they were here. Thank you, and you guys and gals are the best."

"I would like to submit a request to the Board of Education and the county office gold badges as school year planning approaches and you are preparing the most boring power points in history about some issue that will rarely effect us. The superintendent and all the higher ups have high expectations of teachers requiring us to teach lessons that are based on standards, fun, engaging, and rich with learning. As a teacher and a citizen, I have the same expectation of you and the training you will lead this year before school starts. Could you please, A. clearly communicate what will be covered at the beginning of the training sessions so we aren't trying to figure out what you are talking about for 20 minutes. You can do that by saying: 'Today we will be learning...' or 'This is relevant because. ...' B. Get creative and innovative in your approach and model for the teachers what you expect in the classroom. You are supposed to be the best in the county at what you do, so prove it. Make us want to be like you. C. Replace the depressed, monotone, DMV approach with a confident, energetic training session that will pump us up. You have had all summer and really all year to work on this so prove that you deserve your job and that we should not call for your dismissal in these tough economic times."

"To find the true character of a man, read what he has written. In the book, 'Audacity of Hope,' by President Obama. He wrote 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.' Wow, do we really want a president who won't take a stand for what is right - one that will go the way the 'political winds shift?' Also, do we want a president whose first allegiance is to radical Muslims who have made it clear they want to destroy America? Peaceful Muslims are not be the ones to cause the 'political winds to shift in an ugly direction.' Peaceful Muslims living in America do not try to destroy our way of life, they adapt to it, like other immigrants throughout American history. If you want Sharia law and Muslim rule go live in a country that shares your desires."

"At Conyers Middle School, it is the faculty who need a bullying policy in place to protect themselves against the principal and her mentor at the Central Office."

"Responding to the person who stated that if he/she wanted to live with trash it would be in north Rockdale. North Rockdale is very nice and is not trashy. There are good and bad parts in both sides of the county. Also, there is too much congestion in south Rockdale."

"Kudos to the district attorney and sheriff on the conviction of the GameStop murderer. Now please make some progress on the Fred's manager shooting and Daquavious Mapp killing."

Editor's Note: The investigation and arrests from the GameStop armed robbery and murder was done by the Conyers Police Department.

"To all you people that live in Fountainbleu, on Bailey Creek Road and in back of Deer Run Subdivision ... Deer Run Drive is not a racetrack! The posted speed limit is 25 mph!"

"I have noticed a lot of teachers commenting on school issues in the newspaper. A lot of the comments are negative toward leadership. Is there not an open dialogue in the schools where the teachers feel comfortable speaking their mind and have the confidence that principals will address problems? It seems indicative of an overall lack of teamwork on the part of leadership. It certainly doesn't look good for the school system. I wish your teachers felt comfortable bringing up issues in house instead of doing it on these comment sections. Are the principals actively managing the teachers or are they just sitting back and ignoring them until things blow up? What about county administrators? This doesn't seem like a system that is on top of things."

"There are a few people in RCPS county office that are in charge of student discipline for the county. How do we know if they are doing a good job or not? What quantitative or qualitative data is used to decide whether that are doing their job. The general feeling at the classroom level is that they are not doing a good job but they must disagree because they have done very little to change the situation. So I ask again, Board of Education, Dr. King, and citizens of Rockdale, How do we know on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis if our discipline department is effective?"

"Dear Rockdale Schools, you may find yourself in a similar boat as APS if you do not change a few things. I would start by being in the schools more. That way you can talk to teachers and see what their biggest issues are. It is you job to solve problems. You can also gauge the caliber of teachers you have and maybe improve hiring qualifications. I think what has happened is that the student population has changed which drove out a lot of teachers. Then you hired whoever came in to interview without a police record. Then you continued your "hands-off" policy and 'hide in the office' management style of never checking on anyone. Inexperienced or lazy employees with little supervision equals bad results."

"There have been two recent comments in the poll referring to North Rockdale. The most recent being from a homeowner in south Rockdale making a comment to the effect that if they had wanted to live in trash they would have moved to north Rockdale. All I've got to say to that is if it keeps y'all out, Hallelujah to trash! As for that first complaint from a homeowner in north Rockdale about living on a gravel road, maybe you can move to south Rockdale where to be sure there are no gravel roads."

"Someone at RCPS please, please, please explain why the middle schools and high schools open houses are on the same night?! Again, I have to battle badly managed parking lots to visit CMS, RCHS, and RCA, plus feed my family in the space of four hours. You cannot keep whining about wanting more parent involvement and then create these kind of situations."