LETTERS: America trending toward downfall just like Rome

A senator was quoted as saying, "We must get people off of the public dole and make concerted efforts to refill the country's treasury." Given the times and everything that is going on in Washington, D.C., would you guess this was a Republican or Democrat?

It was neither. It was a famous Roman. A member of the Roman Senate, a statesman, orator and writer, he is known to many as simply Cicero. His full name was Marcus Tullius Cicero, and he was warning the Roman government that it must learn to live within its means or face catastrophe.

Catastrophe was what came and great Rome fell. Many believe it was from the attacks from the outside, but a much closer look reveals that Rome had become weak, overcrowded and its great government became sick and unable to sustain itself financially or otherwise. It easily collapsed.

The United States of America became the next great Republic some 1,700 years later, and it appears that we are heading in the same direction as Rome. Why? We study history and learn nothing. Our founding fathers were students of history and knew full well the importance of establishing a new government based on the rule of law, a Republic, not a Democracy. They knew from history that Democracies never last. They never had.

Read the Constitution of the United States. The word democracy is not there. Yet what do you hear from those elected to serve in Washington? You never hear "our Republic," you always hear "our Democracy and that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to promote Democracy." We have allowed our politicians to lead us away from the rule of law to the rule of majority politics and look where we are now: on the brink just like ancient Rome.

Our country's financial house is a mess and everybody knows it, yet our elected folks in Washington continue to play their party games, sing their party songs and dance their party dances. Nothing happens. They will likely wait 'til the last minute, increase the debt ceiling and cut nothing nor increase revenue. Oh promises will be made, they have before, but the can -- our financial problems -- simply gets kicked down the road so these same elected folks can please their supporters and look forward to another term in office.

Who is to blame for this mess? Democrats or Republicans, the Congress or the White House? Listen to their rhetoric, which can be heard on the TV news and read in the paper each day. The blame game is in high gear. Take your choice. Everyone in office now and many or those who have served for the last several years all have their fingers tainted with this stuff and they continue to do nothing but blame, posture and play politics. Nothing changes. How long will you continue to accept this or do we just wait 'til the end finally comes?

-- John Hooper