Rockdale Citizen Poll - 09-03-11

"Well I guess the next lawsuit against Rockdale County will be from the people that did not pay their watershed bills. There must be some way to get money from this overly rich county."--

"It is Saturday morning, Aug. 20, as I write this. I woke up today and looked at this paper to see how the RCHS bulldogs did at the game last night against Winder-Barrow. I saw a big article on the Heritage vs. Salem game. That is understandable as it is a rivalry but I could not even find the score of the Rockdale game. Maybe it was buried in some softball article. This paper is not big on quality reporting. I get the feeling that they are over there throwing things together before every deadline and didn't make time to call anyone at RCHS. ..."--

"To all the people upset about the Conyers Police chief. I am also in law enforcement so I know the challenges that are faced by officers on a daily basis. I think that having a chief that would be in the field with you and not just pushing a pen across paper all day and too worried about getting a smudge on a shirt to leave the office, is great. I mean you would never catch someone like Sheriff Brown in Newton County helping deputies do anything, unless there was a video camera involved or it's election time. I mean until you have pinned that badge on your chest and been in the position of not knowing if your family will ever see you again, then please just back off the chief. To you Chief Wilson, I tip my hat to you sir, keep up the good work. Your officers are so lucky to have you as chief."--

"I haven't seen the new redistricting map but I would like to comment on the 'gerrymandering' comment. Ten years ago when Tom Murphy and Roy Barnes were in charge, my voting district changed drastically in favor of the Democrats. Rockdale was a stronghold of Republican voters and it was fixed to dilute the Rockdale vote by including us with mostly Democratic South DeKalb County, part of Henry County, and Clayton County. My voting district looked like a crooked dog's hind leg narrow and twisted crossing at least three counties maybe four. I didn't know anything about it because I was not paying attention to our politicians then, but I am now! Imagine my surprise when Cynthia McKinney, everyone's favorite little communist, called to ask me for a donation. I had no idea what had happened or that she was my representative. As far as I am concerned Tom Murphy and Roy Barnes can both kiss my foot! And let me add that Hank Johnson isn't much better based on my communications with him. I wrote him detailed reasons why I didn't want him to vote for Obama-care and he replied he was voting for it without as much as an explanation as to why. But I know why he voted for it — he is a puppet of the Democratic Party and unable to make any decision on his own or give any logical, intelligent argument to support his vote. At his town hall meeting, you had to submit your questions in advance along with all your information. You also had to sit in the back because purple-shirted SEIU union people took up the front rows. I asked a couple of them if they lived in DeKalb or Rockdale and they said no. I asked why they were there and they said to support Hank Johnson. So to you who think the new districts are gerrymandering, keep in mind my vote, although cast at each election, has not counted in 10 years so I think turn about is fair play. You reap what you sow!"--

"Personally, I am appalled by the ridiculous comments regarding distance learning. Most state universities now offer at least some of their graduate courses through online platforms. These institutions are rated RU/VH (Research Universities with very high research activity) through the Carnegie Classification system and provide rigorous course work for participants. Unlike some of the non-accredited cyber institutions that have popped up across the Internet over the past decade, there are approximately 100 state university campuses that offer distance learning alternatives for their students — the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech being two of these. In addition, there are a number of legitimate private universities with accreditation and high Carnegie ratings. Before assuming that all distance learning programs are created equally, perhaps you should do your homework."--

"I have gotten used to spending my Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee reading the Citizen Poll for the last couple of years. It was fun to see what others in my community think about things. Some are smart, some are dumb, but all are fairly entertaining. But I guess I need a routine. The poll has not been read on Saturday morning for the last few weeks. I also have not seen an announcement about it changing days or anything so I must assume that someone is falling down on the job. Couple that with bad writing and lazy editing and I need to ask myself, 'Why am I still reading this paper?' And as a marketing person, I know that this is the last thing you want your customers to start asking."

Editor's Note: We have published notices of our new combined weekend edition thorughout the week including on Friday's front page. The Citizen Poll will appear each Sunday in our print edition and online at www.rockdalecitizen.com/news/local/citizen_poll.--

"Hi, I am a student at RCHS. I just wanted to make the public aware of the exciting life at my school. First of all, if someone's thigh or shoulder is showing, it is an immediate ISS referral, because we all know that it is such a distraction to see a shoulder. Therefore, my learning environment is disrupted. Right. Along with the poorly enforced dress code, my school is very into extracurricular activities. One of these 'activities' is the male step team. We had a pep rally Friday where they performed, and you could obviously tell that they were very passionate about what they do. They 'swagged' in wearing ripped up wife-beater shirts and loose, baggy pants. But wait! Was this appropriate according to the dress code? Ha! I don't think so. Since they are a step team (defined as a type of dancing that involves clapping, stomping, and making noise on the body to make a beat with a whole group of people), they did their little step routine, but they decided to incorporate the stepping style of dance! This involved pelvic thrusts, on all fours, to the audience. I didn't know that we offered mating ritual classes .... It was uncalled for and disgusting. Some students come to school to learn math and science and what not, but I guess the ignorant majority of my school likes to learn about sex-ed ... and incorporate it into their dances. That's real cute. Anyway, the main point of this post was to let the parents know what is going on during school, but I guess if the parents are as ignorant as their children, they won't care. So to those who care, I think that the oh so wonderful superintendent of the county should fix these problems in his county's schools instead of worrying about an inch of thigh showing, or a shoulder peeking out from a sleeve ... I hope y'all found this article informative and helpful. Best Regards, — RCHS/RMSST student"--

"Why should a teacher at Conyers Middle School bother developing lesson plans for the upcoming week only to have the principal announce on Monday that there is to be a mock writing test that will take up most of the day on Wednesday? A lack of planning on her part shouldn't constitute an emergency on any teacher's part."--

"Big Brother is at work again. I thought it rather foulest when they put in HOV lane which made less lanes for travel. Now in their wisdom we must pay twice for the right to travel in these lanes. I want my tax back. These stop and go lights are another foolish Idea. Where do these people get their education — Iran?"--

"To Sarah Todd's response to last week's Citizen Poll: I definitely have sour grapes if that means I wish some of our current representatives should not be in office. I am pretty sure most voters use emotion to vote and i am guilty of it as well. But you really can't think it is good to elect unqualified people. I am fully aware of the 'lesser of two evils' concept. All voters are aware of that. But there are many opportunists that know people vote color only and it is discouraging."--

"Just want to thank a man named Jerry from Bizzy Bee Exterminators for stopping to help me when I had a flat tire. He was on his way home from work and was probably hot and tired but he decided to help me and my 3-year-old grandson. There are still nice and caring people around here. I certainly appreciated his help."


aaaa 4 years, 1 month ago

In response to the individual commenting that Sheriff Brown is not a field person, he was involved in the chase and was on the scene counseling with the Chief. It is certainly important that he represent the agency as a professionally groomed man; however, he is never hesitant with smudges, grit or grime. He is on the scene of EVERY major crime. He also directs traffic...interesting, huh. Your comment is even more interesting. Its often I read comments of individuals who carelessly write without including facts. Writer, its important that you move forward with knowledge. Know what you're speaking of. Do not be guilty of toxic information. I understand you my not favor certain individuals, but never make comments that are false. Always speak truthfully.


aaaa 4 years, 1 month ago

Citizen Polls are great places for people to express opinions. It helps if they know their facts. One pollster in Sunday’s Citizen said “you would never catch Sheriff Brown helping deputies do anything unless there was a video camera or it is election time”.

In 3 years in office, Sheriff Brown has responded to all major crimes in Newton County and has not appeared on camera for any of them. His department press releases are done by Public Information Officers. He works the street along his men even though he is an administrator. You will see him on funeral escorts, bank robberies, suicides or whatever without regard to publicity. Sheriff Brown is a professional law man.


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