LETTERS: Politicians just don't get it

Politicians in this country do not understand what their job is. It is not to make our country in their image as they have been feverishly trying to do for decades. Many things could be pointed to as examples of this, but only two will mentioned.

First, they came to the conclusion several years ago that they could rescue poor people from poverty, and proceeded to pass legislation allowing them to purchase homes even if they had no jobs, no savings, and no wherewithal to repay their mortgages. The result has been disastrous. Right now we have far more people living in poverty than when they dreamed up their rescue attempt.

This one thing is the basis for the collapse of the housing market, which is the cause of the current economic mess, not only in this country, but in many places around the world. But, as usual, they refuse to acknowledge what they have done, doing their best to blame others for their failures.

They have placed the future of our nation in greater jeopardy than at any time in my previous 70-plus years of life, far greater than what we experienced in the Second World War or any other thing that can be mentioned.

Politicians think their job is to make us in their image. If they could do this, all our freedoms would be taken from us and we would become what they wanted us to be. Their job is to serve us citizens by providing an environment in which we can determine what our lives will become by making our own way in pursuing the American Dream. A strong message coming out of their housing debacle is that they cannot pick people up; people must pick themselves up.

Second is the economy. Politicians have for a long time believed they are the movers of our economy, and are now capable of restoring it. They are just as mistaken now as with their idea of rescuing people from poverty. The two stimulus packages under Bush and Obama have been failures, and the one now being put forth by Obama will be a failure. One of the powerful things that will happen in this is the further strengthening of our belief that politicians in Washington are inept in the performance of their jobs, and this will heighten our pessimism regarding the economy.

Our economy rests on what business professionals and citizens do, not on what the government does. We are the ones who decide where and when we will spend our money. This has been the source of the greatness of our outstanding economy, and, when the politicians in Washington quit messing with us, we will again restore it to robustness. They need to get out of our way, quit taking our money from us, and let us do our job of building a great economy the only way it can be built.

When politicians develop a program, money to pay for it comes from our pockets, thus diminishing our ability to spend as we wish, and, because of the costs of collecting our money and expenses associated with development and implementation of these programs, they reduce the effectiveness of this money by at least 50 percent. There is no way they can do something as effectively as can we citizens.

Roger P. Bolton



Sundance 4 years, 1 month ago

Great point Roger. I don't understand why the republicans arent beating this to death. What you are saying should be repeated over and over in as many venues as possible until people realize why we are in this mess. Thank you for this letter.


Rob 4 years, 1 month ago

Amen! Excellent article.


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