Suspect shot by police released from hospital

CONYERS -- A suspect who was shot by police as he allegedly stabbed his mother with a kitchen knife has been released from an Atlanta hospital and transferred to the Rockdale County Jail.

Pernell Presley Jr., 21, of 1544 East Mount Drive, was taken to the jail on Monday. He was booked on two counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies, aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, and willful obstruction of a law enforcement -- misdemeanor.

Presley was shot by a police officer Friday, Nov. 16, while he was reportedly stabbing his mother in the middle of Rockbridge Road.

According to police sources, the suspect's mother has also been released from an Atlanta area hospital and is recovering at home.

Police responded to a call of a stabbing in progress at about 8:15 that morning at the Eastmont Town homes off Rockbridge Road. When police arrived, they saw Presley allegedly stabbing his 42-year-old mother and himself in the middle of the road. Presley reportedly charged toward one of the officers and was shot by the officer three times, once in the arm and twice in the hip.

The officer involved in the shooting remains on administrative leave with pay pending completion of an internal investigation. The officer, a four-year veteran of the force, was placed on leave as a routine matter based on department policy.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in at the request of Chief Gene Wilson to investigate the officer's involvement in the incident. GBI spokesman John Bankhead said Wednesday that the GBI investigation should be completed and turned over to District Attorney Richard Read within a couple of weeks.

According to police, the incident began with a family discussion of the suspect's erratic behavior.

"He basically said 'I'll show you crazy,' and went and got the knife," said Lt. Jackie Dunn at the time.

The knife was described as a 5-inch butcher knife.

The victim's 16-year-old daughter was also in the home at the time and ran out to call police.


roots 2 years, 8 months ago

I know that officers don't want killing someone on their conscience, however, one shot to Center Mass would have relieved society of future events like this and keep in mind the next officer might not have a chance to defend themselves. Too many felons have a second chance to kill an officer/deputy and ruin the lives of their families.


DestinyInRockdale 2 years, 8 months ago

roots, i hate to, but i have to agree with you! He will be released im sure due to craziness and left to harm again!


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