Letter: Judge-elect's ads were misleading

I have thought about this for weeks and have resisted the urge to pontificate, but after reading Sunday's Citizen about Judge Sidney Nation's retirement, I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Judge Nation is quoted as saying, "This is where you come to find the truth." An honorable thought. I don't think we can feel the same way for Judge-elect Phinia Aten for Magistrate Court.

I am reading a book about the CIA and how they investigate people. They consider statements of omission as lying, misleading statements as lying. I don't know how anyone going before this judge can feel that she is being honest and truthful. I will remind you that she ran ads for office not saying she was a judge, she set up signs and her ads to imply she was a judge. I personally don't see how she can be honest and fair now.

When Robert Mumford was running to replace Judge Nation, I asked him why he didn't run his ads and his signs with re-elect Robert Mumford as judge since he was a judge before. He informed me that it was against his sense of honor and against some legal group's code of conduct.

It seems Ms. Aten isn't bound by the same senses and codes. God knows I am not perfect, but I have not decided to sit in judgement of others.

-- Bob Bala