Appointments made to volunteer boards

CONYERS -- The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners filled volunteer appointments to six county boards at its Tuesday meeting.

The following appointments were approved by the board:

-- Library Board of Trustees: Attorney John Nix was reappointed to a three-year term. Attorney Gary Washington, a former candidate for Superior Court judge, was appointed to fill the seat formerly held by Superior Court Judge David Irwin, who was not eligible for reappointment.

-- Planning Commission: The BOC voted to appoint Jerry Shepperd, a local business man and former candidate for the Post 1 seat on the BOC, to fill an expired term.

-- Parks and Recreation: Two vacant positions on the Parks and Recreation Board were filled with the appointments of Eddie Shirey, a cyclist and president of the Conyers-Rockdale Bicycle and Trail Coalition, and Valerie Sewell, a basketball coach at Johnson Park and Rockdale County High School.

-- Water and Sewerage Authority: There were four positions open on the Water and Sewerage Authority, but only three were filled. William Murraine and Darrell Thomas were reappointed to four-year terms. David Shipp was appointed to complete the balance of an unexpired term. A second unexpired term was left vacant after board members could not agree on a nomination. That appointment was deferred to a later meeting.

-- Animal Control Board: Three people were appointed to fill vacant three-year terms on the board -- Clement Brown and Merry Carol Houchard were reappointed, and Lori Todd was appointed.

-- Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful: Earl Wise, a banker, and Jessie Brown, a retiree and former owner of J.S. Walker & Associates, were appointed to serve two-year terms. Maryalyce Phillips was reappointed to another term.


heresyafacts 2 years, 11 months ago

What does a library board do, anyway? Isn't it about time to shut down that money pit?


superman 2 years, 11 months ago

Shutdown the library? Maybe one day there will be no more libraries, but people still use it. I don't frequent the library, and probably wouldn't miss it but I know kids have class assignments and go to the library to get books to do their assignments. Could you imagine a 3rd grader having to read a book from one of those digital readers (like Kindle or iPad) instead of locating the book at a library? Are you mad? Shutdown the library?


heresyafacts 2 years, 11 months ago

The schools have libraries of their own.


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