Rockdale's Ware steps up in the Big Apple

Rockadale County grad Kevin Ware.

Rockadale County grad Kevin Ware.

Kevin Ware picked the world's most famous arena to make his first significant contribution to the Louisville basketball team.

In the Cardinals' first Big East victory of the season, a 73-58 win over St. Johns at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, Ware had four assists and added two points and four rebounds in 16 minutes.

Ware, a freshman from Rockdale, scored his first collegiate points with a layup at 5:53 left in the first half that gave Louisville a 20-12 lead, then five minutes into the second half, had one of the Cardinals' 10 blocked shots, which led to a bucket and a 16-point lead.

The Cardinals, 13-2 and 1-1 in conference play, host Notre Dame on Saturday.