Radiotherapy Clinics offers prostate cancer lecture series

Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, with locations in Conyers and Covington, will offer a Prostate Cancer Lecture Series in February at its Decatur auditorium, 2339 Lawrenceville Highway.

Presented by the physicians of Radiotherapy Clinics, the courses are designed to educate the public about prostate cancer and treatment options. All Prostate Cancer Lecture Series seminars are offered free to the public and begin with a light dinner at 5 p.m. followed by a lecture at 5:30 p.m.

Prostate Cancer Lecture Series courses to be presented in February include:

-- Feb. 7 -- "The Side Effects of Prostate Cancer": James Benton, M.D., explains and clarifies the common side effects associated with prostate cancer.

-- Feb. 14 -- "Understanding Your Pathology Report": Mark Merlin, M.D., will show samples of several pathology reports and Gleason Scores and explain findings. The lecture will also touch upon perineural invasion and its effects.

-- Feb. 21 -- "Behind the Scenes": Fred Schnell, M.D., will provide a look behind the scenes of ProstRcision(R) and the prostate cancer treatment process.

-- Feb. 28 -- "Updated Cure Rates": Frank Critz, M.D., shares the latest information about individual cure rates to help men decide which prostate cancer treatment method gives them the best chance of a cure.

For more information on the Prostate Cancer Lecture Series or to RSVP for a specific class, call 404-633-5606, ext. 320. For more information on Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, visit www.rcog.com.