Rockdale school board approves final budget

CONYERS -- Rockdale County Public Schools will outsource custodial service next school year due to budget concerns.

This cut will come on top of three staff furlough days, a deferment of textbook purchases and computer replacements and the increasing of class sizes to help balance the budget for the 2012-13 school year.

The Rockdale County Board of Education approved a final budget for next school year during its monthly meeting Thursday.

The board unanimously approved the budget recommended by RCPS that called for all staff maintaining their current rate of pay while outsourcing custodial services and reducing the system's ending fund balance by nearly $2.2 million to make up for expected shortfalls.

Other cuts to the budget included removing three staff days from the calendar to save $1.5 million, suspending the alternative retirement contribution for the third consecutive year to save $3.6 million, deferring textbook purchases for the second consecutive year to save more than $2.7 million, deferring computer and laptop replacements to save more than $1.5 million, increasing class size to eliminate 58 teacher positions to save nearly $3.9 million and eliminating 17 central office positions to save nearly $1 million.

The budget totals $125,495,193, and RCPS is projecting an ending fund balance of more than $8.3 million at the end of next school year, which is slightly less than the state-recommended 7 percent reserves.

RCPS is expecting to receive nearly $64 million in state revenues and more than $59 million in local revenues, as well as about $500,000 from grants and federal revenues.

The system is expecting to spend more than $82 million in instruction, $10 million in school administration and $11.5 million in maintenance and operations, according to the budget summary. Departments like pupil services, instructional services, educational media services, general administration, business services, student transportation and central support services are budgeted between about $2 million and $5 million each.

The school board also approved Thursday using the national company GCA Services Group to provide custodial services for the system.

The board is scheduled to approve a millage rate in July or August, according to its budget calendar, depending when the tax digest is available from the Rockdale County Tax Commissioner's Office.


Reese 3 years, 5 months ago

It's a shame we have to outsource our custodians. We have some of the best and hardest working in our school system. I hope there will be custodians staffed during school hours, and not just after hours. Believe it or not, there are many pre-K and Kindergartners who miss the bowl with urine, bowel movements and vomit, and it is not productive for the teacher to halt instruction in order to track down the mop and mop bucket and clean up the students' mess multiple times throughout the day.


acetw2000 3 years, 5 months ago

how a bout we cut so of the school administration ten million a year that is a waste of money but do you think that school administration will cut school administration lets think about it i don't think so let cut the important jobs cut and increase the size of classes again cut $12.2 mill from school staff and supplies but lets cut $1mill from central office or school administration cut school administration by at least half then i can take them seriously but we keep taking it and say thank you may i have another makes me very sad


dtabor5 3 years, 5 months ago

very sad at the budget, the custodians work so hard with little to no supplies and they make sure the schools always are clean for our children.. I feel we are doing a major injustice out-sourcing and can we be completely sure that these are people that we want around our children? are they safe? will they be there just after hours or during school? have they been checked out or is it just the lowest bidder wins? the board wastes way too much money and at every turn cutting the quality of education...


johndoemo_ 3 years, 5 months ago

The thing about cutting the big salaries is that it would send a message to all of the employees that "we are in this together". It is a show of solidarity. The community knows that cutting 10K off of 5 or 6 people's salaries is not going to solve budget issues. But these cuts wear on morale and by cutting in every department it shows that you are a team. But The people at the county office do not really act like they care about that. They figure by getting rid of a couple of secretarial jobs they have done their part and they still get to keep their salary. The message they send to all of the teachers is..."what is most important to us is our salaries" Add that to the fact that I am unsatisfied with how this system is being operated and I just don't like those people making that much money when they are doing a poor job in my opinion. I guess I will have to vote out some folks.


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