Georgia prostate cancer awareness license plate released

The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition recently received its official prostate cancer awareness license plate, according to a press release by Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, a supporter of the Prostate Cancer Coalition.

The special license plate will be dedicated to raising awareness of a disease which afflicts one in six men in the U.S. Georgia ranks ninth in highest estimated prostate cancer-related deaths, according to the American Cancer Society. This is an increase from 2011, when Georgia ranked 11th.

"Our goal is to educate men about the second leading cause of cancer death among men," said Frank Catroneo, of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, in the press release.

"There were nearly 7,400 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Georgia last year and nearly 1,100 men who died. Awareness and education are critical to combatting prostate cancer and we hope this license plate will help in the fight."

The Georgia Prostate Cancer plate, which will be available by the end of the summer, is $35 and proceeds will be used to offer free screenings to unemployed and uninsured men in Georgia.