Man struck with hammer in fight over video game bet

CONYERS -- A St. James Drive man was arrested early Monday and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly hit another man in the head with a hammer.

Isaiah Benjamin Washington, 22, of 20212 St. James Drive, was arrested at about 7:30 a.m. after he fought with a neighbor over a bet they made on a video basketball game, according to an incident report by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.

When deputies arrived at the Lake St. James apartment complex, they found the 18-year-old victim outside with his father. The victim was reportedly covered in blood and had a large cut on the right side of his head.

The victim, who also lives in the Lake St. James apartments, told deputies that he and Washington were playing a video game at Washington's apartment and had each bet $50 on the game. They had put the money on the floor in front of them.

The victim said when it became apparent that he was going to win the game, Washington took the pile of cash and told him to, "Charge it to the game."

The two men began to argue and took the argument outside, where the victim alleged that Washington picked him up and "tried to slam" him, according to the report.

The victim went home briefly and then returned to try to compromise and get his portion of the money back, according to the report. The argument resumed, and that is when the victim said Washington struck him in the head with a hammer or mallet.

Washington told deputies a similar version of the incident, but said he hit the victim with a closed fist in self defense.

Inside Washington's apartment, deputies observed large amounts of blood stains on the floors and walls in the living room area. There were also blood stains in the stairway leading to the parking lot. A claw hammer and a rubber mallet were found on a sofa/daybed.

National EMS was called to the scene to treat the victim's wound. Washington was taken to the Rockdale County Jail.

In other police news, a 13-year-old boy is under investigation for arson after he allegedly set fire to a wreath on a door Sunday at the Main Street apartments, 128 Renaissance Drive.

A resident called 911 when she heard a popping noise outside her door and opened it to find her door on fire.

When officers with the Conyers Police Department arrived, they found what appeared to be the remains of a wreath still burning on the door and the door mat of the apartment. An officer used his department-issued fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The door was reportedly scorched and the siding above the door was melted.

The resident said she didn't see anyone set the fire. Officers canvassed the area and spoke with a neighbor who said she had seen two boys set off the fire alarm in her building on the previous day.

Officers found that one of the boys had been at church at the time the fire was set. The other boy admitted that he had been at Main Street apartments at the time the fire was set and admitted that he had a lighter, but denied that he had set the fire.

His mother told police that he had been setting fires lately. Police told her that an investigation would be conducted. "She stated she understood and that (the suspect) would have to be responsible for his own actions."


Frizzlefry 3 years ago

video games are serious business! I'm sure they are good boys and it was just a misunderstanding! Same with the roasting wreath!



Can not get over the elections. They did NOT A DAMN thing for you or your family. voted on skin color,any other reason you need to WAKE THE HELL UP.


Elmo 3 years ago

Your post is a bit cryptic, but make no mistake, when I post "FORWARD!", it is intended to show the irony of how BACKWARD we are headed.

As society slinks ever backward into animal-like behavior, we should never forget who started the slide, and those who continue to grease the skids.

The golden goose has stopped laying the "golden eggs", and is on its last leg. Once the goose dies, and all of the residual eggs are used up, then those who support and want the utopian life will turn inward, upon themselves. It happens as empires fall...the final crushing blow is always on those who pulled out the stilts.




nice job of coping and pasting elmo. Your use of the interwebs (there is no such thing as the internet AKA type 1 communication) should be revoked, stupidity is a disease.


Elmo 3 years ago


Now, be an adult and post the link from which you claim that I used for a "cut and paste", and we'll all be as smart as you.

You made the claim, so the burden of proof is on your head.



cherokeerock 3 years ago

Welcome to Dekalb, uh, I mean Rockdale county. Better get used to it.


maryinga 3 years ago

These are not simple crimes....just simple minds.


lakeridge 3 years ago

If gambling was legal.........


heresyafacts 3 years ago

Someone should torch the Lake St. James apartments. That place was a trash receptacle the minute it opened. How many murders/assaults have occurred there?


Motohead 3 years ago

Love it. Now everybody who "stay" in Lake St. James is going to stop paying their rent and use "charge it to da game" as an excuse.


DawgsFan 3 years ago

Ha- I can't stand it when people say that they "stay" in Conyers. It shows no stability. It gives me the impression they're like gypsies and will move from town to town, job to job. You don't "stay" somewhere, you "live" somewhere. Also, when people say they have to go to their "job"- like its a task their government has assigned them. In my view, a job is casual employment. Like a high school/college age person working at McDonalds. But then again, with more government control we all might get assigned "jobs" by the government. Orwell's book may be fact one day...


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