Jack Simpson: Post election, we must unite and address issues



A new day is dawning. We have some relief from all of those political flyers, calls during the dinner hour, television ads and campaign promises. Long lines at polling places are gone and the votes have been counted in most places. Perhaps we will experience less bias from the newscasters and hear more about local wrecks, fires and shootings.

Voters are either joyful or sad depending upon how their candidates came out at the polls. It was surprising to see so many excellent, dedicated, hard-working public servants voted out of office not because of incompetence or dishonesty, but apparently because of their race. Service records did not seem to count and loyal service was not rewarded. The community became more diverse and was reflected in the election results.

We would like to think that our political parties would embrace good public servants, educated, experienced and of good character from among blacks, whites or Hispanics, and that skin color would not matter so long as office seekers wished to honorably serve all of the people. Once elected and with a solid record of service, there should be good reason to cast aside dedicated servants of the people. True professionals are hard to come by.

Our world is changing and the nation of our grandparents has passed into history. We will reap what we have sown.

Remember four years ago. We were promised hope and change. What we got was divisiveness, little transparency and gridlock. Now, since the election, there are new promises that Congress and the president will work together to change the political system. Maybe they will do a better job this time around.

Anyway, the majority has given President Obama four more years to revise history. Soon many of his proposed changes will become effective. For some, they will be painful and life-changing. Those who oppose these changes and disagree with the policies of the president will, in all likelihood, be called racist. Race has nothing to do with where President Obama plans on taking the nation.

What kind of USA we become concerns every citizen regardless of race, color, or creed. Think about it. We are a more tolerant and diverse society. Hispanics have surpassed African-Americans and whites to become our largest ethnic minority. Right now, Democrats have managed to appeal to these groups and to young people and women. Everyone is interested in a better America. We are mellowing. Some states have adopted gay marriage and legalized marijuana. Working together is desired.

Still, we face worrisome issues. At the head of the list is national security.

How do we plan resolving Iran's seeking of a nuclear weapon?

Are we going to turn our back on Israel, a valued ally, and allow Iran to dominate the oil-rich Persian Gulf?

When we leave Afghanistan, how do we plan to keep the Taliban from moving back into power?

Will we, as the president promised, become more flexible and reduce our missiles, weakening our security?

Can we break gridlock?

These are a few things of voter concern as crisis looms.

The election is over. We must unite and accept the choices of the majority. The rising stars, old hands and fresh faces have the fate of the nation in their hands. May they serve with dedication and honor as they work to resolve our many problems.

Keep a sharp eye, hear?

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author and former law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.