Rockdale Citizen Poll for Nov. 18, 2012

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"The greatest effect from our just-completed, very expensive presidential campaign was to take money from deep pockets, inject it into general circulation, which in turn stimulated the economy, hence unintended consequences."

"To all the Republicans that are upset about our local elections: If you want to blame someone for the outcome of the elections, you only have yourself and your friends to blame. Let me explain. In the mid 2000s, there was a huge 'white flight,' remember all your bigot friends that were so selfish and only thinking of themselves, they deserted you and your perfect little town. If they had stayed and held onto their properties, what happened at this election would never have happened. Then the rest of you who stayed, made no bones in making anyone who wasn't a Rockdalian, black, white or Hispanic feel extremely unwanted. I am a white female who moved here with my family and I can't tell you how many times I've been told I'm an 'outsider.' So I find it apropo that this has happened. This might be a good time for you to reflect on a few things: Instead of claiming to be Christians, act like one. Learn to love your neighbors as yourselves, learn tolerance over bigotry, treat everyone as God made them, equal in his eyes, stop hating and fearing what is different from yourself. And one last thing, don't you believe that everything happens for a reason? Well, it happened, what are you going to learn from this?"

"Please post. I was tricked. I thought the smart black people here would recognize that there were some white folks here that wanted Conyers to be the first urban sprawl area that worked together. I have prayed and worked hard for it for about 10 years. But I can't work with Oden, Nesbitt and all the other unqualified ... folks that were voted in. You got the steering wheel and ran it straight into the ditch. Don't you guys notice what happens when Democrats are in charge? Detroit? Baltimore? Lithonia? How can you not see it? We had candidates that would have worked with everyone and actually knew how to run a county. You guys voted in the 'Good Ol Cuz' network. Please post."

"I'm asking everyone to please be aware at the DMV office when getting your driver's license. While I was inside, someone managed to pop the hood on my car in an apparent attempt to steal my car battery (the covers over the connectors had been lifted). I do not know how my hood was popped, as the car itself did not appear to have been broken into (and the door was locked). I did not call the police, because other than the hood itself and a suspicious-acting man in a small yellow car with a customized spoiler (who was parked beside my car and who backed out and left the scene very, very fast), I have nothing to really report and I'm not going to waste their time with a report with so little information and no real proof of a crime. Nothing appears missing, the car started, and there was no visible damage to the car. I will also add that I was just a few spaces down from the entrance -- in clear sight of the windows (had anyone been looking) and visible from the doors. So everyone -- be extra careful to lock doors, don't have anything out in plain view, and watch your car or bring a friend to watch it. I hope that police will also read this and maybe put a patrol through there to keep a check. Again: small yellow car with loud engine and custom spoiler, possibly other alterations but he fled too fast for me to get a good look. I'm not surprised, as this is the new reality in Rockdale County, but the fact that is was at the DMV office caught me off guard. You and your belongings are truly not safe anywhere in this county. It is unfortunate that we no longer have a State Patrol office attached to the DMV."

"Is there a common name for the black version of the 'good ol boy' network? They definitely have one. This election in Conyers is all that is. Friends doing favors for friends. Well, in any color, it always hurts the people."

"I am also a ninth-grade teacher and will tell you one thing. The kids from Davis Middle are the best. Hands down."

----"Do not agree with provisional ballots. You should come to the polls ready to vote with all of your ducks in a row. If you cannot do that, you should not be allowed to vote."

"I would like to say this: I am not a Republican. I am a 32-year-old black female who is married. My husband and I have lived in Conyers for 22 years. We voted for Jason Hill, Rudy Horne (who married us), Lillis Brown, and Wigington. We voted for these people because we remember how Conyers used to be and we want it to flourish. We believe these people understand that. However, Jason Hill and his followers never campaigned in my neighborhood. He never 'knocked' on our doors. If Republicans/conservatives want to win then they have got to stop assuming that black people will not vote for them. You can't assume Hispanics will not vote for you. You have got to get out there and spend the money in neighborhoods where you think you have no chance! There are black business owners and blacks who want the same vision for this community, but if you don't get out there and persuade them of your position then you will never win! There are many African Americans I talked to who were in Conyers from the start. They voted for the same vision. There could have been more that would understand this, but Republicans have to get out there and reach these communities. If you get just 1 percent of these minorities vote then you are making headway!"

"Just remember, Levett may have won the position as sheriff but the person that will be running the department has not been announced yet, deputy chief. ..."

"To the newly elected officials of Rockdale County. If you start to get rid of the white employees it may be a violation of their civil rights. It would require action by the U.S. government to correct this problem. I just hope the Rockdale Citizen does not look the other way. We are a nation of many cultures, many who served in the military. I just hope the military veterans make their feelings known."

"I am disappointed with the new school board members if they just rubber-stamped extending Jack Lance's contract without looking into his performance and how he advises this system to take the path of least resistance no matter what the long-term effect is to the kids. It is my opinion that this guy is a main contributor to the discipline issues in this system. Does anyone know what the vote was? Can we know who voted to keep him and who voted against? Jim McBrayer, you were in this system and watched its decline while Mr. Lance swept issues under the rug that should have been confronted. Are you just sitting on the board for fun or do you want to help the kids and teachers that are in the trenches every day?"

"I have a question, why is it that a civilian is wearing a fire department uniform but they are not a fire fighter with this county or anywhere for that matter. Is this not a liability in some way? Not sure that I would want some random Joe off the street to jump out of the fire truck and help me if they have had no state certified training."

"I would like to know why we do not have a recycling program for the entire county of Rockdale. I am all for 'Going Green' but when I called to see about getting a recycling bin at my house, I was told they did not pick up outside of a certain area. You have people who are willing to help keep this county looking decent, but it has to be within a certain area? The revenue that it would bring back into the county would offset any cost. How about it newly elected officials? Can we get a recycling program for all of Rockdale, please?

"We need to change the signs at the entrance to Rockdale County. They should read 'Welcome to Rockdale County -- The Clayton County of East Atlanta.'"

----"'Symbol of Sacrifice' a small caption under the photo mainly about the memorial. Three pavers on 'walk of stars' unveiled, almost half of a page story. What's wrong with this picture?"

"The Democrats have won. They are going to make the rich man pay more taxes! If you believe that then you may be interested in buying some ocean front property in Wyoming, and you probably think your Obamacare is going to be free. Guess where that rich man or woman, black or white, gets the tax money that they pay. It's built into the price of his goods and services. Yes the Democrats will raise taxes in such a way so that anyone with less than a ninth-grade education will blame it on the evil rich man. Sad to say, most of those people are Democrats but not all. Unless you are an American leech, You will be paying his higher tax. There are a lot of rich Democrats! Do you really think they are going to raise their own taxes? (Just my opinion folks.)"

"Looks like we get more rocks bought to decorate I-20, more pictures on the wall, more wheelchair ramps to nowhere, more new trucks for the stormwater people, more flushing tax money down the drain. Congratulations to the Rockdale voters."


INJUSTICE_FOR_ALL 2 years, 1 month ago

its a black thing you would'nt understand


Elmo 2 years, 1 month ago

What? Did black people come from another planet?

The black community spent decades telling us that they were "no different from anyone else". Now all of a sudden, in an eruption of ignorance you try to further distance yourselves from other Americans and all human beings by declaring some inherent quality that exists only in humans with darker skin?

That statement only makes sense in the context of your unwillingness to admit the truth to yourself and others. It's a cover-up for a propensity to take and hate without having to explain it to anyone.

Talk about racism! The statement plainly shows your desire to distance yourself from anyone except those of your own race. It's a cop out and you know it.

The only "black thing" I see in many cases is attitude, and guess what? We could care less about understanding THAT. Why don't you try growing up and taking in the world around you. This pouty adult-teenager thing will only go so far, and going through life angry about something that happened to your ancestors 200 years ago is pretty stupid. It's over, but you refuse to get over it.

The only "black thing" we see is takers and haters, writhing in perpetual anger and bitterness over perceived inequalities that disappeared years ago. The world is in your pocket now, but your greed pushes you to have it all.

And, you need to learn where to put the apostrophe in "Wouldn't"...



maryinga 2 years, 1 month ago

Like I said before, "I wasn't here 200 years ago, so why blame me?" Yes it is a cop out....that is what some people have to hang on to and think we need to be reminded....I already learned that many years ago as did others. MLK wanted you to move on, so what's the problem? Attitude is what is turning people off. It's the Human Race. That is what we should be known for.


Sundance 2 years, 1 month ago

to the 32 year old woman above who has sense, I appreciate you wanting this town to unify and work together. I agree and want the same thing. I also think you voted for the best candidates that were ready to make that happen. But with facebook comments like below from Oz Nesbitt, we have to assume that hate and fear are the primary motivators these current politicians want to use. I would like a response from Nesbitt or any of the other democratic winners about this facebook post. I challenge anyone in the government of Conyers or Rockdale to comment on what Nesbitt said to folks who were helping candidates of a different race. Is this the type of leadership we can expect from all of the democrats? Oden? Aten? Hadley? Any of you care to call Mr. Nesbitt out or do you feel the same way and think letting it slide is best for our town?


Frustrated 2 years, 1 month ago

I would think they would try to distance themselves from comments made by Nesbitt but a part of me says they must agree with him since they didnt and havent said anything against it. Of course some of the candidates that got elected have already made their attitude clear. Nesbitt says one thing trying to get elected but says another to his "friends".


pressman7 2 years, 1 month ago

This diatribe on Facebook of a public figure, shame on you Ozzie. Aren't you "dissing" your own people here? You might be better off beating the ole' lady.


Elmo 2 years, 1 month ago

You can't fix stupid, not even with a title, an office, or a diploma.


maryinga 2 years, 1 month ago

His page is set to private....wonder why!


NitetimeinDaytime 2 years ago

why has the citizen not picked this up?? so embarassing.


ctownslimm 2 years ago

If Jason Hill had said something this negative or demeaning, it would have been on TV.


NitetimeinDaytime 2 years ago

as it should be with either candidate saying it. makes me so glad I didn't vote for him. I will say his office will be hearing from me on this.


heresyafacts 2 years ago

Note especially the derogatory remarks from Nesbitt's Facebook friends; if you are AA and don't tow the Dem party line, you are a 'token', a 'rat', a 'black b------'. In other words, the view is DON'T think for yourself, think like the herd. If Nesbitt is reading this: YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. Which means you are a hatemongering, divisive element in the community, so you can stop your pulpit preaching up on the BOC bench, ain't nobody fooled by it.


MMDrums 2 years, 1 month ago

We had our children's birthday on the patio of a Conyers restaurant this evening. It was spoiled by a group of black bikers who would not turn off their rap and loud mufflers. There were special needs children there sensitive to loud noises,you &^&^*** had them crying. Bravo! Unfortunately,you "people" didn't stay long enough for the police to get there. You are also lucky my wife made me stay inside.No kidding.Conyers is the new Dekalb.


maryinga 2 years, 1 month ago

So sad that a childs party had to get ruined this way. If they had children of their own, or cared about any of them, theirs or others, this would not have happened. This is not a way for a child to celebrate their birthday. To bad the police didn't get there in time...and your wife had you stay inside. Happy Birthday to your child!!


Elmo 2 years ago

Get a powerful stereo...buy some Slim Whitman albums...put on "Cattle Call" (that's the song plays in the movie "Mars Attacks" that kills the Martians) .

Put the CD player on "repeat", point the speakers toward the offenders, and turn up the loudness all the way.

Maybe that will work...LOL

additional note: wear industrial strength ear protection.


NitetimeinDaytime 2 years ago

so, I guess it was because they were black and not jerks? Jerks come in all colors. Look around.


NitetimeinDaytime 2 years ago

and it WAS wrong for them to disturb the public like that - either way they were just jerks. Not black jerks. Same stuff happens in other areas.



"Black people responsible for virtually all crime " Judge Marvin Arrington confirms. FACTS ARE FACTS


DawgsFan 2 years ago

Wow, I'm truly shocked at what I found! Does Rockdale county produce any reports like the APD? Arrests for September 2012 of persons under the age of 16 were 100% black- no other race! (see page 14) Get your act together parents!


Table 14 - Page 27 (directly from the DOJ web site) http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/p10.pdf


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