The Rockdale Citizen Poll for Nov. 25, 2012

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"Obama is calling for the Republicans to compromise. Obama has shown us that his definition of compromise is 'do it my way.' He isn't interested in compromise. He won't even compromise with his own party. He wants domination. 'I'll be ready to rule from day one!' Rule not lead."

"To the person who commented on the chain restaurants in the community, I'll give you my top 12 restaurants where you will always get great food and service. None of them are chain restaurants. On West Avenue - Sweet and Savory Cafe and Donna Marie's, in Olde Town - Los Flores, Thai Palace, Celtic Tavern and the Whistle Post, off Salem Road - Tokyo, Sigman Road - House of Fine Foods, Industrial Boulevard - Jenny's, Cafe, 138 South and Ga. 20 Chianti, 138 North - Los Charos and for a great lunch or Sunday brunch - Cherokee Run at the Horse Park. Hope you enjoy all of them and help our local establishments."

"Now that the elections are over and decisions have been made, will the morons leaving their election signs up, please remove the eyesores."

"Now that the election is over, it will take time to get over ... All the 'We the people' can now change their driver's license back to their current address out of Rockdale County now that your vote is in. The MLK (Make Like you Know something) movement has done it's job. In my opinion, those that will remain in office will give us the same four years that we have had in the past four years. Obviously the 'We the people' were not so informed. As an example, over the last three months we have had over 400 homes in Rockdale County go under the mortgage chop block. We still have people in office who were escorted out of state office to be nominated into their position and still be voted in. In my opinion those voted in office remind as to the words I once heard before. 'He may be a crook, but he is one of our crooks ... '"

"Thank you Channel 2 for story. IRS mailed 24,000 checks to one address in Atlanta. Is there no one at the wheel of the IRS. Even the post office should have known something was amiss. Makes me want to go out an pay more taxes. It seems if you are illegal, you can get a tax number just by filling out a short form with the IRS. ..."

"What happened to the separation of church and state at CMS? Isn't it a political statement for teachers and clinic workers to wear Obama shirts to school? The color gap is getting wider there!"

"To the person who wrote: 'If they had stayed and held onto their properties, what happened at this election would never have happened. Then the rest of you who stayed, made no bones in making anyone who wasn't a Rockdalian, black, white or Hispanic feel extremely unwanted. I am a white female who moved here with my family and I can't tell you how many times I've been told I'm an 'outsider.' Well then you need to see crime statistics from 10 , 15, 20 years ago compared to now, see the homes that look like trash compared to a few years ago. Rockdale County is no more. It is a fact. If we had stayed and 'held on to our properties,' they would be worth much less and Rockdale would still be going down the toilet. This is why we moved."

"I am reading the poll in today's paper about all the changes that have and still are happening to Rockdale County (Conyers). Let me put this out. Over half of the national chain restaurants in Conyers that located here in the past 15 years are now struggling to keep there doors open. Some lose money up to 5 days a week. One just told me that they make money (break even) only one day a week. How long is it gonna take before Conyers looks like Wesley Chapel?"The DMV comment in the Nov. 18 Citizen Poll raised our hackles. Two of us visited Conyers DMV the week after Veterans Day to renew our drivers license under the new Secure ID Requirements and noticed three odd events. First, there were two sketchy looking guys sitting by the window at the entrance who were still sitting there when we left. Second, they scan your information. What an opportunity for identity theft, especially if someone brings their birth certificate and bank statement, plus the required proof of Social Security number. A hacker or rogue employee would have a treasure trove of data, including full name, photo, date of birth, (place of birth and parents names if Birth Certificate used), address, possible employer name if W-2 or Paystub was used, bank name, account number and bank balance! For one of us they copied both proofs of residential address, while for the other only one was scanned. Third, a vehicle just happened to follow us from the DMV all the way to the parking lot (via several back roads) by a strip mall along Dogwood Drive. I later learned that the DMV agent commented to the other person I was with about an item of jewelery they were wearing. Was this coincidence? Probably. If not, could the two guys sitting by the window with nothing better to do, be acting as lookouts? What about being followed? Even worse, suppose someone hacks into the system and sells some of the personal data? Or even more likely in my opinion, suppose a dishonest employee decided to take copies (or iPhone photos) of your personal information and sell to identity thieves for some extra pocket change?"

"Why does Newton Citizen have a "school crime report" but not Rockdale? I'd like to know what's going on in our schools here, too."

"Has anyone else noticed the trend of local governments trying to regulate junk food and sodas lately. I just saw where Chicago was removing candy from vending machines. Francisco was trying to remove happy meals and N.Y. was regulating sodas. It is so strange to me that these left wing idiots from the Woodstock generation are doing this. The "system" that they fought against in the 60s was not even close to that intrusive. Also, none of those bad health items are as terrible as alcohol or drugs and they never move to regulate that stuff. Many people's lives are ruined by drugs and alcohol and they are doing nothing to restrict those. It is mind boggling."

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man I truly admire for his intellectual honesty, once had a dream. In his famous 'I have a dream' speech, he voiced the following dream. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Unfortunately, the election results in Rockdale County on Nov. 7 indicates that his dream has yet to be fulfilled. I truly look forward to the day he describes."

"Did Rosalynn Miller ever get the college degree she was working on after taking control of the finances in Rockdale? We are all concerned about the rising costs of colleges in Georgia but she's a shining example of not actually needing education."

"As much as our Republican's hate it, they have got to reach out to African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. You guys lost it and it will probably never be gained back, but you're racism was the problem.

"I know we used to have a Republican Party, but do we anymore or is it defunct?""I've always been a Democrat but voted for a few Republicans this year. I vote for the person, not the party. However, I was not allowed admittance into the Republican monthly meeting this past year because I was not a paid member. You guys lost two important seats due to your arrogance."

"I have called our Chairman and CEO quite a few times over the past few years and never received a call back from him. His secretary has tried to respond but he is totally inaccessible. Just saw a commercial where he was asking Rockdale residents to reach out to him, but why if he doesn't respond? I'm shocked he was re-elected based on being a representative of the community. There's nothing that can be done since he's already been re-elected, but I challenge those that voted on him to call him and see just how accessible he is."

"In Atlanta blacks are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent rape, 94 percent robbery and 84 percent aggravated assaults. 2012 ADP crime report."

"FYI to some drivers out there: 1. When you pull up to a roundabout, you are obligated to yield to traffic already in the roundabout -- do not just pull out in front of people and make them slam on their brakes. If you do cut in front of traffic like that, I hope you are seen by police and ticketed, or, in the event of an accident, found at fault and that the other driver sues the pants off you and your insurance company. 2. If there are no cars in the roundabout, you do not have to yield or to stop because there is no reason to yield or stop. And you definitely do not need to look both ways! Just keep going on into the roundabout. 3. If you are already in the roundabout and a car pulls up to a yield sign and stops, you do not stop and let them pull out in front of you because you have the right of way. I don't care if you're just trying to be nice, that is not how a roundabout works. The other car that has yielded for you will pull into the roundabout after you have passed by (unless they are a teetotal jerk and run the yield sign, in which case, you will have to hit the brakes). 4. Please relate the above three rules to everyone you know."

"Dear Rockdale Citizen Editor. Just because I do not complain every week about the online ads jerking around does not mean I have learned to like them. It still messes me up when I am trying to click on certain stories and things and get yanked away to some web site."

"The end times are near my friends. I wasn't quite sure with the state of the world and everything going on in Israel, but when you get of the Twinkie, I know it is true."

"The Democrats must be proud that they voted in a sheriff in Clayton County with 35 criminal indictments hanging over him. And in Rockdale County, they voted in a county commissioner who was arrested for domestic violence. It is a shame when people are elected based on their color and not on their professional ability to do a good job. Most of the good people in Rockdale County are hopeful we don't turn into another Clayton County, where nobody wants live."


Covingtonian 3 years ago

To the writer wanting to know ""What happened to the separation of church and state at CMS?" I have been wondering this every since they started using some churches as polling places.


Covingtonian 3 years ago

To the person with the helpful comments about driving into the roundabout, forget it from what I have seen most people don't know the rules of the road. Go to the square in Covington and you may be surprised to see how many people come to a complete stop at the yield signs when no one is coming. There is a difference between a stop sign and a yield but most defer to stopping "just in case they are suppose to". Please oh please correct the light at Monticello and Pace street which holds to long on the Pace side when there isn't any traffic on Monticello, with gas over $3 a gallon someone needs to look into it. Indutrial Blvd and Hazlebrand is another especially late at night. these lights hold for almost five minutes unless there are multiple vehicles there. Yes people those white stop lines across the street have sensors that detects when a vehicle is there, try pulling up to them and not stopping five to ten feet back.


Clark 3 years ago

A yield sign does NOT mean "barrel into the intersection" it means "slow to a reasonable speed and stop if necessary." (Georgia Driver's Manual) If I don't have the sight distance to know if a vehicle is coming or not without stopping, I'm going to stop, and look both directions. I can't even count how many times I've seen someone cut the short way across the roundabout behind the Library, and if I have to stop for a second to make sure there's no one doing that, then so be it! I'm not about to risk damaging my car and hurting myself just because you want to get to the bar one second earlier.


Elmo 3 years ago

To the person alluding to the philosophies of MLK:

While his ideas are major subject matter in schools, his photo and statues abound, and almost every town has a street, or streets, named after him, it seems to me that the devotion to his ideas takes a detour when put up against liberal ideology. And, reciting key lines from his speeches will not change anything. It's a much different world than it was in the days of MLK.

For instance, his "I've been to the mountaintop..." line is still popular, as it embodies winning and achievement; whereas, his "...content of character..." line has taken a back seat, because if "character" was really the only thing that counts, then there would be a lot of elected officials - local and National - that would not be in leadership positions.

Having character takes effort, sacrifice, and hard work. Honor and respect have to be earned, and are not subject to any laws, or mobs, demanding it. Currently in America being told "no" is suddenly deemed as being "dissed", and saying the word "Chicago" has become a racist "code word". Pullleeezzzee.

There's a lot of social immaturity in America today. A lot of full-grown adolescents who demand respect for non-accomplishment and then tantrum when they don't get it. Too many people see America only through the prism of entitlement, when they aren't really entitled to anything except life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.

MLK's philosophies demanded "fairness" in both directions - but the hate and greed of modern liberalism/progressivism demands it in only one direction.

"Content of character"? Maybe that exists as MLK intended, I don't know for sure. But we need to remember that BAD character is technically "character", too.


pressman7 3 years ago

I have one qualm with the poster of etiquette in navigating a roundabout. Always look both ways, its just common sense. The simple rule for everyone is just yield to everything on and coming from your left.


szbrown 3 years ago

Mellow Mushroom, another locally owned restaurant with excellent food and service!


wavace 3 years ago

Granted Mellow Mushroom is good, but you can't beat the service and food at Chianti! I have a friend who recently told me he had never ate there and within the week I had taken him there and he really enjoyed the food.


Lorenzo 2 years, 12 months ago

If you don't want Rockdale County to turn into another Clayton or Dekalb County then do whatever is in your power to stop it. Go to BOC meetings, make your voice heard, support community action groups, support local law enforcement, be that good citizen that people say used to live here. Our elected officials will never please everyone so we work with what we have until it's time to choose again. Don't back down, don't quit and don't be intimidated by people that want to label you "racist" because you disagree with their point of view. A quick look at the crime statistics and the undesirable neighborhoods in the county tell anyone with minimum common sense where our problem came from. We can move somewhere else hoping this doesn't happen at our new location or we can stand and use our government and other civic minded people to stop the crime, waste, mismanagement and decay of the place we live.


Elmo 2 years, 12 months ago

The best defense, is always a good offense.


szbrown 2 years, 12 months ago

I'm with you, Lorenzo. I'm not giving up on our town without a fight. It's time for all of us who care about Rockdale County to get involved.


roots 2 years, 12 months ago

Ok guys back off these Commissioners. It's not the current group that brought Rockdale down from the Oasis that it was. Go back to the 3 administrations before the current took office and you will find the zoning and building code changes that they made to lead us into the current condition of the county. During the time I'm speaking of, it was obvious that a Developer and several land owners had a free hand with decisions made. We long time residents are living with their poor, selfish, profiteering use of our elected officials. We in this county are only a few zoning and code changes away from returning the the Oasis that we had. My family roots in this county go back more than 100 years and my family and i have seen it roller coaster throughout the years. The current group of commissioners don't have the same motivations to destroy, however, they can cause havoc with operations of the government. After this group grows our government too large with unnecessary official positions, our property taxes will grow to an undesirable level for new development. In time, with new Leaders we will return to the Oasis that we long time residents were accustom to. Have faith and don't give up and leave. Change is coming.


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