Levett chooses Freeman as chief deputy

CONYERS -- One of the highest ranking officers with the Conyers Police Department will take on the duties of chief deputy for the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office on Jan. 1.

Sheriff-elect Eric Levett announced last week his selection of Major Scott Freeman to serve in the No. 2 position at the Sheriff's Office.

One of the goals outlined in Levett's campaign was to add the position of chief deputy to the Sheriff's Office in order to help in managing day-to-day operations, which would allow the sheriff to be more accessible to employees, citizens and business owners in the county.

Freeman, who has been with the Police Department for 22 years, said he is excited about the opportunity.

"It really is an understatement for me to say I'm excited about this opportunity," said Freeman, who leaves the CPD on Dec. 5. "I really can't put into words how excited I am and how aware I am about the challenges ahead."

Freeman said he will join the Sheriff's Office with "two primary marching orders."

"Eric and I have talked quite extensively about his expectation for his chief deputy selection, and he really wants me to have two priorities coming in the door," said Freeman. "That's to ensure that the deputies -- the jailers and the road deputies -- have both the equipment and the safety gear that they need out there and in the jail.

"And the over arching issue is to start addressing crime within the county."

Freeman said he believes his connections with the Police Department will serve to build bridges between the two departments and improve public safety overall.

"I really believe that I will be leaving the city on extremely good terms," said Freeman. "I am certainly not cutting any ties whatsoever with the city. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about Chief (Gene) Wilson and the department he has created since assuming the helm at the chief's position."

Freeman said he and Levett have discussed ways in which the two departments can work more closely together, perhaps through development of a joint SWAT team and sharing some resources -- such as the RCSO firing range -- that are not currently available to the CPD.

"We really have public safety for the entire county as a mission," said Freeman.

Freeman was selected for the chief deputy position based on his "impeccable reputation of being fair, ethical and having exceptional leadership qualities," according to a press release from Levett. Freeman's reputation for being tough on crime is well known, according to Levett, and his leadership qualities will help strengthen the leadership at the RCSO.

Freeman said he was drawn to a career in law enforcement beginning at a young age. As a third-grader he recalled writing a paper about wanting to be a police officer when he grew up.

He joined the Explorers with the CPD in high school and decided then that he wanted to be an officer with the CPD.

Freeman went to work at the CPD as a 911 dispatcher following graduation from Rockdale County High School. He served in numerous positions with the department over the past two decades, including patrol supervisor, communications manager, patrol commander, and deputy director of information technology. He currently holds the rank of major and oversees daily operations for all police administrative support and emergency services. He was also in charge of the department's recent successful bids to earn state certification and CALEA accreditation.

His educational achievements include an associate's degree in criminal justice, a bachelor's degree in applied science in organization leadership, a graduate certificate in criminal justice education, a master's degree in public policy and administration, and a Ph.D in public policy and administration.

Freeman is a 2012 graduate of the FBI National Academy. He also holds numerous professional certifications and memberships and has earned more than 20 police commendations throughout his career.


johndoemo_ 3 years ago

What does this do to the budget for the Sheriff's office? More money or less?


Jon 3 years ago

I must say that I am impressed with the newly elected sheriff's decision here. I have known Major Freeman for many years, and he is indeed as good as the article portrays. He is very well respected by those at Conyers, and I am sure that this will be a blow to the PD to see him leave. If the new chief deputy can go in and live up to the reputation he has made for himself at Conyers, this county will be a much safer place for everyone EXCEPT the criminals. To Sheriff Levett, you have made a very wise decision in bringing this man over as your chief. My hat is off to you on this one and you have my unwavering support now.


Elmo 3 years ago

I agree that it seems to be a wise decision, but, laying one brick does not a bricklayer make...so I'll withhold my "unwavering" for now and just go with, politically, it was a great move, but I'm hoping that politics wasn't the main impetus behind this decision.

Second in command is a precarious position, with a lot of responsibilites. They often carry the load for the department, which makes them the main target for blame when things go wrong. I'm hoping that this isn't the case.

Congratulations to Mr. Freeman.


wonderwhy 3 years ago

Whatever . . . . Congratulations to Scott Freeman and the department as a whole.


pellmell 3 years ago

I'd like to know what it means for security in the jail where radio communication is important, but to date, the jail has avery few radios and those don't work properly. The jailers have been asking for radios for a long time and all they got was the attempted renovation of the old jail building and NO radios. If something bad happens at one post, a deputy has to call around other post and hopefully find one with a radio that works in order to summon help. Also, would be nice to secure the perimeter. Jailers asked for a fence to secure the back of the jail, but what they got was five or ten poles placed into the ground and the rest of the project was abandoned. Will anything really be done for the jail staff or is it all just the smoke and mirrors that the jail staff has experienced so much in the past? Im interested to see how it works out. I hope the best for the new administration.


travelingman 2 years, 12 months ago

One thing's for sure. Anybody other than Wigington is an improvement. Didn't he lose the election? Why hasn't he stepped down already?


judgedredd 3 years ago

@johndoemo: chief deputy has always been budgeted . Sheriff Wiggington never utilized the position until the one he had. Plus I don't think Sheriff Levett will do anything to take away from his Deputies.


Lorenzo 3 years ago

The Sheriff's Office used to have a Chief Deputy (Rob Cordero) so I don't see that appointing another will significantly affect the budget. A better question is "Will this make the Sheriff's Office operate better?" I think that answer to that is "Yes". Scott Freeman brings experience, special training and strong ties with the Conyers PD. All positive points that will be needed to keep our county safe and make our law enforcement even better. Since Freeman has been in Conyers for years I won't say welcome, but he has my best wishes and hopes for a successful career at the Sheriff's Office.


disgustedwithpeople 3 years ago

@Elmo you are hilarious! You could find negativity in sunshine and rainbows! You must live a very sad life! SMH


Elmo 3 years ago

You have the screen name, "disgustedwithpeople" and you charge me with being negative?



Zo 3 years ago

Please post first step in unifying the sheriff & police dept. I really think Levett just open himself up for more problems, because this guy will spend too much time with bickering between departments.

Secondly, he has some of Ferguson's qualifications, but there was no way Levett will admit that because he has to play the game(wink). Let me guess Freeman will be trying to get the sheriff's dept the same accreditation Ferguson made mention of.

Let the puppet games begin. please post


Elmo 3 years ago

I noticed that Levett picked Freeman and chief deputy, and not Ferguson...that's saying a lot about your loser guy.


travelingman 3 years ago

From what I have observed in the past the rivalry between CPD and RCSO was minor. Freeman is a good choice for the position and certainly a lot better than what he had to choose from at RCSO. Sometimes the best people are outsiders. Any animosities between the departments will certainly dissolve.


Frustrated 3 years ago

Dont count on that happening.


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