The Rockdale Citizen Poll for April 14, 2013

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"The red light at West Avenue and Iris Drive is ridiculous. That light seems to malfunction after every rain. Then, the Iris Drive lights blink red, while the West Avenue lights blink yellow. The problem is that people on Iris Drive can't see the yellow lights for West Avenue; they assume the light is now a four-way stop. I have seen a couple of near collisions because of that. Another thing; the turn lanes from Iris Drive onto West Avenue. Can we please paint some lines so idiots will maintain their lanes?"

"So I am currently sitting in Starbucks and the infamous video guy is here. He has set up a stage and close to 60 chairs? Anyone know why? He has a sound system as well. This is is weird."

"One day last week, during spring break, I loaded my four 30 round clips for my AR15, chambered one in the barrel, and left it at home on my kitchen table. I went to work, worked 11 hours, and came back home. When I got back home, I noticed that my gun had not killed anyone. Had not shot up anything. Had not even moved. It had plenty opportunities to do so. FedEx dropped off a package. The lawn company took care of the yard. The kids next door even jumped on our trampoline. My gun just laid there. So, either guns aren't so dangerous, or my gun is lazy. I just thought I'd share this. I gotta go check our silverware, to make sure they're not getting people fat."

"The annual Trafficking in Persons report, released by the State Department, analyzes over 180 countries and ranks them according to their effectiveness in fighting human trafficking. Here are the worst offenders (ie, those where slavery is common): Algeria, Central African Republic, Congo, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Kuwait, Libya, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Syria. Of the 17 countries listed, 10 are in Africa. Think about that the next time you call yourself 'African-American' rather than 'American.'"

"I know this is the 21st century, however I still have issues with these terms. On-line ... I thought that was were mama use to hang the clothes to dry. Tweet ... a sound that a bird makes. Yahoo ... I used to say that when I had a good report card or a girl said yes when I ask her out on a date. Boy, I've got a lot to learn!"

"Take one look at the Cyprus financial crisis, and 99 percent of Americans will not give it a second glance. For those 1-percenters, you should be aware that everything you heard about Dodd-Frank being a power grab by the FDIC is absolutely true. We should be used to the words 'too big to fail', as the justification for a government bail-out. With Dodd-Frank, bail-outs have been replaced with bail-ins. The FDIC that has pulled from the OLF fund set up to protect depositors bank accounts are now told that if they pull money from the account, it has to be paid back. In other words, what every bank in the U.S. is now considered is to be in the class of 'too big to fail and taxpayers will not pay for the failure'. A recent document white paper between the FDIC and the Bank of England (Dec. 2012) actually states that when a financial institution becomes in default, that the FDIC (BOE in the U.K.) immediately takes over, removes all leadership, then uses funds from the shareholders to shore up the institution. Guess who shareholders are?"

"Here we go again. The media is lying to us. They are trying to tell us the reason Medicare patients are being refused treatment for cancer is because of the 'Republican Sequestration'. One, the sequestration was Obama's idea, not the Republicans, and two, Obama reduced the Medicare budget by $700 million in order to fund Obamacare. Doctors lose money for every Medicare cancer patient they treat. Doctors are only allowed to charge 4 percent above the cost of the cancer drugs for treatment. Four percent won't begin to cover the costs of the personnel required, the equipment and supplies needed, or the cost of the utilities for the office. Many doctors won't take Medicare patients now because Medicare won't pay enough to cover their expenses. More and more doctors are starting to refuse to take new Medicare patients because the new Medicare payment rate is even lower than it has been, even though the doctor's expenses have increased. Florida is already seeing the number of doctors accepting Medicare drop dramatically. What good is Medicare if there are no doctors willing to accept payments that don't begin to cover their costs? When Obamacare is fully implemented it will set the costs the doctors are allowed to charge for all of their patients, not just Medicare. When that happens, doctors will have to make a choice, go bankrupt because they can't pay their expenses with Obamacare's rates, or quit medicine and find a job that will pay enough for them to support their families. I guess that's one way to solve the Health Care cost problem. Just eliminate all of the doctors that provide health care for ordinary people and there won't be any costs. That will leave a lot of money to cover the costs of health care for the politicians in Washington, D.C. Since they aren't covered by Obamacare, their doctors will be able to charge enough to cover their expenses and provide for their families."

"Dear parents, (especially moms) it is time to get your sons off the couch and in the woods. Video games are slowly dumbing down and leaching away our boys' manhood and common sense. Our boys need to be outside learning how to be men. Not inside where mommy can control them and keep them from growing up and let them act their aggression out by practicing killing people on video games. Besides, have you ever heard of a school shooter whose hobbies are kayaking, rock climbing, and fly-fishing?"


Plaincitizen 2 years, 7 months ago

Whoever called in about Medicare and the sequestration, I absolutely agree with you and I'm glad you gave this information.


squay 2 years, 7 months ago

<p>www.rockdalecitizen.com error 503 Service Unavailable Let's try this again, shall we?

Medicare and sequestration to be sure!

Big 10-4 on the Republican view on Medicare and Social Security. Thankfully, it was the Republicans who prevented Medicare from negotiating drug prescription prices, as done in Canada, ensuring that that program would fail financially. The Medicare drug prescription program needs to end NOW! Senior citizens have been given a free ride up to now and should obtain their medicines like real Americans by purchasing their needed drugs out-of-pocket or by signing up with an insurance company because insurance companies truly care about them.

As for Medicare and SS, these programs must be cancelled for each person receiving these entitlements as soon as they receive the amounts they put into those systems. For those senior citizens who have received more than they contributed, they should be required to pay back their excesses. For those folks who have yet to draw Medicare and SS, they should be given what's left in the fund, based on a percentage of what they contributed and those programs should be cancelled. Then, those of us in our senior years, can apply for health insurance through the capitalistic market. It becomes a win-win-win situation for the insurance companies, the drug manufacturers and the Republicans.

Be sure to vote accordingly! Let's send these gray-haired loafers back to their wheelchair follies . . . but only if they paid for their wheelchairs themselves.


heresyafacts 2 years, 7 months ago

Did you even bother to read the post to which plaincitizen refers?


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