Industry will expand jobs

Elmet Technologies fully operational

COVINGTON — Elmet Technologies has announced that its Covington facility is fully operational and will expand employment from about 25 to between 75 and 100 in the next two to three years.

The industry’s 99,000 square foot facility has been located in Lochridge Industrial Park since 2011. It was previously announced under the name Vestar Technologies. Elmet is the parent company of Vestar.

Production has been slowly increasing over the last six months and the plant is now fully operational, said Marketing Manager Arthur Stowe. The facility is the largest, fully integrated refractory metal crucible manufacturing plant in North America, according to a press release issued by Elmet.

The raw elements tungsten and molybdenum are processed at the Covigton facility into a variety of products, including crucibles, which are used in the synthetic sapphire manufacturing process for LED light manufacturing, high performance glass for mobile devices and military-grade windows, among other applications.

The facility also manufactures sputtering targets used in flat panel displays and mobile device screens, components and sputtering targets for semiconductor manufacturing and products and materials for high temperature furnace, nuclear and other applications.

“With both the demand and applications for synthetic sapphire rapidly increasing, Elmet Technologies is positioned to support the growing demand for precision-formed furnace products used in sapphire growth furnaces,” said Sandeep Jain, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Elmet Technologies. “We have unique capabilities on which the sapphire industry can capitalize to keep up with the demand for their products.”

Job opportunities at the Covington facility can be found at www.elmettechnologies.com/about-elmet/covington_operations.