Dentist's door broken in dispute over bill

CONYERS — An Army Reservist trying to tie up loose ends before being deployed overseas became frustrated when his dentist office informed him they wouldn’t perform a procedure until he cleared up an outstanding balance.

Robert Thomas Traylor, 47, of 739 Keys Ferry Road in Jackson, went to Sacred Dental on Dogwood Drive around 2:30 p.m. Monday to have a crown put in, according to the incident report filed by the Conyers Police Department.

According to the report, an employee told Traylor that he needed to pay his balance before the dentist would perform the procedure. Traylor evidently grew frustrated and demanded a refund of the money he had already paid. The employee told him that the dentist would have to approve any refund and he wasn’t available because he was with another patient.

“Traylor became upset and stormed out of the office, slamming the glass door,” the report states. “The automatic door closer was broken at the hing. The door chime also no longer worked.”

The estimated damage to the door is $500, the report states.

The deputy was able to contact Traylor by telephone.

“Traylor stated that after he paid the balance that the dentist required, they refused to do the procedure because the insurance hadn’t paid their part yet,” reported CPD Officer Paul Bernichon. “Traylor said that he was upset because he was deploying to Afghanistan with the Army Reserves (the next day) and was trying to get his stuff squared away before he left.”

Traylor told the officer he didn’t know he had broken the door in his anger, the report states.

The officer told Traylor he would ask the judge to grant him bond and Traylor agreed to turn himself in to the Conyers Police Department. He was charged with criminal trespass.