Holy Spirit marks holidays with famous fudge

CONYERS – The Monastery of the Holy Spirit commemorates each holiday season by making its famous fudge. Sold at The Monastery’s gift shop, the confection is a popular purchase for those in search of Christmas gifts, either for themselves or loved ones.

Brother Hugh Vanasse said that the fudge-making process is not complicated, and takes about 47 minutes. First, a fudge base is added to water, butter and a preservative, and is then cooked for seven minutes. Sugar and chocolate mix is then added to the batch, which is cooked for another 20 minutes. For a creamy texture, a touch of vanilla is added. The fully cooked fudge is next dispensed into small trays and left to cool for a few minutes. After properly cooling, the fudge is sliced, then placed into The Monastery’s signature boxes and encased in shrink wrap.

The Monastery offers four different varieties of fudge. Southern Touch consists of pecans and peaches marinated in brandy. For nut lovers, a basic chocolate assortment with walnuts is available, as well as maple walnut. Plain chocolate is also available for those who want to enjoy the simplistic fudge flavor without any additives.

This holiday season marks the first year that The Monastery’s fudge is made in its new bakery. As of this past summer, Holy Spirit’s old bookstore is now the location of the bakery, with the new bookstore being located closer to the entrance.

“The old bookstore functioned for a while as the base for our food bank. We were going to tear it down, but thought it would be better if we used it as the bakery,” said Vanasse.

Profits from the fudge sales will go toward funding The Monastery and will be donated to help those in need.