HUCKABY: Bringing in the New Year with football and a few old friends

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby

The holidays wore me to a frazzle. When's the last time you heard that expression? I spent an entire month -- at least-- running here and there, catching this event and that event and this party and that. It was a great month, understand, and I enjoyed every minute -- and every pound I put on -- but honesty compels me to admit that I was happy to get a little bit of rest this week before diving headlong into 2013 and what should prove to be an even busier year.

There was wall-to-wall college football on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, of course. Did you happen to catch any of the Sun Bowl? A lot of my Bulldog buddies were a bit derisive about our friends from North Avenue being sentenced -- I mean, invited -- to El Paso for a second year in a row, but let's not forget how excited we were to be going there to take on Donny Anderson and the Texas Tech Red Raiders after Coach Dooley's first year in Athens.

Tech finally got a bowl win and evened its record at 7-7 -- and no disrespect to the Jackets, but no team with seven losses needs to be in a bowl game -- but the most bizarre thing about the whole game was how Lane Kiffin was dressed on the sideline -- with a hoodie pulled up around his head and giant sunglasses on his face. He looked like one of those aliens from out of space in the old sci-fi movie "Omega Man." Maybe he thought he wouldn't be recognized.

At any rate, congratulations to Georgia Tech and I am glad my friends Anthony Norton and Alton McCullough didn't travel 1,500 miles to be disappointed again.

My Georgia Bulldogs knocked the dust off after the first half and won a 12th game for only the third time in the school's history, and after Monday night's BCS tussle between Alabama and Notre Dame it should be obvious to any candid observer of college football that the Dawgs fell a few yards short in the real championship game in the Georgia Dome on Dec. 1.

And in other New Year's Day games, did you see the hit South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney put it on that Michigan running back in the Outback Bowl? The dude's helmet flew 10 yards in the air. He's lucky his head wasn't in it. Georgia has to try to block that guy again next year.

The team that has laid the biggest egg so far in the season after the season has to be Will Muskchump's Florida Gators. Know how to make Gator cookies? Pour a bunch of orange-and-blue-clad athletes into a big sugar bowl and whip soundly for four hours.

OK. OK. Let him who has never told a Georgia Bulldog joke cast the first stone.

But all of the above comments aside, I haven't just watched football all week. I have watched a lot of old time television, too. Several mornings I just built a big roaring fire, brewed an extra pot of coffee, and drifted back in time. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a lot of those old shows.

Did y'all know that Andy Griffith still stars as "Matlock" every weekday at 10 o'clock? Matlock is an Atlanta attorney and a sly old fox who wears the same suit all the time and loves to eat hot dogs with everything on them. The Perry Mason of his day, he solves murder cases every day by coming up with the real killer in the 11th hour of every trial. It's good entertainment and Don Knotts even shows up on an episode every now and then.

"The Waltons" comes on every morning, too. They are showing the first season right now and I had forgotten how down to earth and heart-warming that program could be. After ending the year with a spate of murders and deadly car crashes and childish political wrangling over taxes and spending, not to mention a horrific school shooting, it is nice to return to the simpler days of yesteryear and enjoy a little wholesome television with an intact family.

If you want to go way back -- and I am talking about back to the days of my childhood -- "I Love Lucy" still comes on the tube. Lucy and Ethel are just as whacky as they ever were, and Fred Mertz is just as cheap -- and it is still just as much fun to hear Ricky Ricardo -- everyone's favorite Cuban, say "Lucy, you got a lot of 'splainin' to do!"

"The Dick Van Dyke Show" is another old-time favorite that I have enjoyed this week. I used to watch that show when I was a child, too -- but the fact that Mary Tyler Moore had such pretty legs was completely lost on me. I wondered why they always came up with excuses for her to wear leotards and do dance numbers.

It has been a good week. Football and old television shows on TV and lots of leftover food in the refrigerator. But now it is time to hunker down, get back to work and prepare for the next big news story to happen.

In the meantime, does anybody know where to catch a rerun of "The Beverly Hillbillies"? I seem to remember that they dressed Elly May Clampett up in some really nice outfits, too.

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