The Rockdale Citizen Poll for Jan. 13, 2013

"Why are the water rates going up so high? Did you not find all the water leaks causing over 1,000,000 (million) gallons per month of treated water? Rockdale proposed rates will be higher than Gwinnett County. Is the new water rates to pay for Hill Phoenix to build a new complex with free water and sewer hookups on Gees Mill Road and Sigman Road. Proposed rates for water and sewer for Rockdale and current rates for Gwinnett.

per 1,000 gallons

rock w - 5.60 s - 7.17

gwin w- 4.69 s - 7.11

over w - 0.91 s - 0.08

Why so high and how much are we charging private companies to process sewage delivered to Quigley? Why don't we have a Quigley south? Why don't we have a second lake providing water? Why don't we have storage tanks like Newton County? It is a waste of money to keep RWS in service if they do not have any contingency plans."

"Who sits and waits in a drive-thru for 10 minutes for a $4 cup of coffee anyways? For reals? Quit yer grouching, get a coffee pot and make your own, ya lazy bum -- it'll take you less than 10 minutes and you can use the extra $$ toward paying off yer credit cards."

"'Any man who thinks he will be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.' -- Henry Ford"

----"Dear school board. As you are considering the budget, please take a hard look at two groups of people. 1) The people making big salaries in the county office. Not only are they making a lot of money, they are usually spending a lot on programs and curriculums and personal training and the like. There needs to be accountability there and cost vs. benefit analysis. Does anyone at the county even know how to do a cost-benefit report? When I think of all the money spent on the new report card , along with all of the training that required substitutes for every high school teacher in the county, twice! it bothers me. The good schools in Oconee and Gwinnett are not doing all this crap and their scores dwarf ours. 2) The second area to look at is teachers getting Dr. pay. They are getting huge money and are usually the worst teachers in the building from my experience. The best teachers are usually the younger ones from good colleges or passionate career switchers. Not online crap. Please clean house in the county office and the teachers that are making big money and giving no return."

"Have there been any discussions on installing red lights at the intersection of Highway 138 and Miller's Chapel/Parker Road? Whenever someone tries to turn left from Miller's Chapel onto Hwy. 138, the car behind them tries to go around them to go straight. The car going straight then risks getting hit head-on by the car turning left from Parker onto 138. This is really a dangerous situation that needs to be addressed."

"Dear readers. Please take a moment and think of the first Georgia city that comes to your mind which is run primarily by Democrats. Now ask yourself this, 'Does that city have a low crime rate? Does it have good schools? Is it a good place to raise children? Now think of a city primarily run by Republicans and ask the same questions. How on earth could you possibly trust the Democrats with the power to rule over us? They are bad at their job.""

"Someone asked 'Would someone with better understanding please explain to me why African Americans seem so much more willing to forgive and forget? Blacks seem more likely to give second, third, even a fourth chance. For example the checkered pasts of (some) commissioners,...' It is because they vote for black and that's it? Period ... They vote skin color ... they do not care about anything else...They usually have no clue about any issues... they just want black ... How ignorant is that?"

"The Republican member of the Rockdale Board of Elections should resign immediately. His outwardly racist editorial is evidence that there is no way he can represent all residents in this community. Luckily nobody actually reads the website it was posted on, but it was surely dispersed for political gain. Regardless, the 'story' this man tells is proof he is not worthy of a board position."

"There has been much discussion and hand-wringing over our national debt with proposed solutions that cut domestic spending but no mention has been made of the multiple wars that have not been paid for. Also, our lavish spending around the world attempting to buy friendship and influence that does not seem to pay dividends. It's time the people think for themselves and convey the message to their elected representatives."

"Never understood why Democrats leave bad areas, move to nice Republican-run areas because they are safer with higher quality of living, then vote in idiotic Democrats. Counties in Georgia that are run by Democrats are usually identified with bad schools, high crime, dilapidated businesses, and general decline. Why not move to a good area and decide to fit in to keep it nice instead of running all the good people off by voting in bad people?"

"As a teacher, I would like to say that I see many problems with this school system. I can live with almost all of them though. But the one thing this county needs to do is get tough with discipline. There are kids in this system that should not be here. There are kids who get away with very bad behavior towards teachers so you know they are mean to other students. The administrators are used to it so they don't give them too much punishment. I have many friends with small children that are saving their money for private school. I think it is terrible for a government to make them pay taxes for schools but not make the schools safe enough for their kids."

"I know you have the right to be selective of the letters that you publish, and have in the past published things very critical of local school board members and personnel. You have also published some things that I have sent, but when I send something highly critical of our local government elected officials you don't run those letters. For example after the last election I made some statements about why some officials were elected, and it didn't run. I don't know why anything I wrote is any less valid or even less truthful than some of the things that I have seen in this poll, where people's names weren't even used! I also send letters to the editor, and most of the time they get printed, but on this poll it seems that some things that some may consider overly critical don't make the cut."

"This is my New Year's vent! 1. If you don't have enough money to tip ... don't go out to eat. You sit in my section, tell me that the service was great and then say, 'You'll take care of me on your next visit' ... wrong. 2. This is to the mom in Walmart several weeks ago. Don't get mad at me for 'reminding' you of the two bags of cookies and two drinks that your children were eating while you were in line before the items were paid for. In my book that's shoplifting. And yes it was 'my business' to remind you since you weren't going to say anything to the cashier. That's why my soda went up a dime. 3. Speaking of buffets ... why must people load purses with dessert items and food wrapped in napkins at Golden Corral? Why go into restaurants, order food, complain after eating most of it and expect to get it for free? 4. Why block the intersections at Dogwood and 138, 138 and Iris? Just wait your turn. I wish I had a Monster truck that could just climb all over these idiots when they do this. Where is Conyers' finest? Great spot to increase revenue. 5. Thanks to Conyers Honda for blocking their driveway at night. Sure is nice seeing cars at 7-8 a.m. that thought they could drive around the light at 20/McDonough Road have to turn around and go all the way back out to the intersection and still have to wait for the light. The big guy upstairs is watching ... let's just do what's right. Enjoy the show and live."

"I understand that RCPS wants to be a debt free school system, because many school systems around us aren't that lucky. But, when are the teachers going to get a long overdue raise? We haven't had one in several years! It would also be nice for the board to restart matching our alternate retirement, which hasn't been done in three years either! Now that RCPS is debt free, it would be a great morale booster to raise teacher's salaries, not those of the county office staff. Teachers are the ones in the "trenches" educating the children and pushing them to work hard and meet the standards, which the county and state set. Where would Rockdale County schools be without their dedicated teachers?!"


roots 2 years, 10 months ago

"Any man who thinks he will be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian." -- Henry Ford"

I love this!! Both of my great-grandmothers where American Indian.


AudreyRuth 2 years, 10 months ago

Hey, I'd love to see that quote in the next Citizens Poll.


Sundance 2 years, 10 months ago

to the person who commented :"The Republican member of the Rockdale Board of Elections should resign immediately. "

Please look at Oz Nesbitt's facebook post below and demand the same thing of him.


LoveIt 2 years, 10 months ago

I, like most Americans, am really tired of the two major political parties sniping at each other. No party has all the answers, has all the best people, or can solve our problems alone. We have to all work together. That goes especially for this public forum. Whatever you want to criticize about the other party has already been said more than 10 times.

Tell me something I don't know. I challenge both parties to take a hard look at themselves. Neither is providing good leadership here. Each of them presented all "one color" tickets with a slate of candidates that could have been significantly better. Why? Because each of them is putting the party first and the voters and (entire) community way down the line. They also did not have a better selection of candidates to present because each of them is taking such an extreme position that they are running off more moderate, informed, and thoughtful candidates. Quite frankly, I am disgusted with both local parties and challenge them to now reach out into this community to bring in a MUCH more diverse group of members to their organizations. And diverse means a mixture of ALL citizens, not just your buddies or your church friends.


MarcoAlan 2 years, 10 months ago

I absolutely agree! Great comments!


Locke 2 years, 10 months ago

I second Love Its comments. Perhaps this can be the start of a reasoned dialogue between Rockdale citizens who care more about our county's future than party affiliations. Is it possible to hold nonpartisan local elections?


ConcernedAmerican99 2 years, 10 months ago

Legisation was proposed that judges not have to run a partisan election. Sen. Ramsey (Dem) blocked it.


BOCWatch 2 years, 10 months ago

@Sundance, just because one party does it doesn't make it right. We have heard statements like this for a very long time from Nesbitt and it isn't likely to change anytime soon. On the flip side the editorial that the poller references is pretty typical Jonny Brown if you go back and listen to some of his comments to the Board of Election when his wife Lynn served on the board.


This doesn't mean that any one member of the given party has to agree with their statement; however when it comes from an elected official or even an appointed official by the party it becomes more of a statement of the party.

I do agree with the caller in requesting Brown's removal from the board; In private e-mails Brown's wife is stating that he has the right to free speech...which he does. However when exercising rights you must demonstrate a certain amount of responsibility. Currently our national legislators are arguing about the use of the 2nd Amendment; simply becuase someone used that right irresponsibly. The same also holds true for the 1st Amendment, when excersing that right you have to show some responsibility.


ConcernedAmerican99 2 years, 10 months ago

I agree with the teacher. Administrators need to support the teachers and deal out discipline to the degree earned by the students. If it means suspending the students to gain control of the classroom, all will benefit. The misfit will learn (or maybe NOT) this misbehavior will not be tolerated - great life lesson. The other students will have had an obstacle to learning removed and the teachers will be free to TEACH to those who wish to learn. This should increase the goals set for the students and teachers. Schools should not be used as babysitters for habitual trouble makers. Also teachers in the trenches should be the first rewarded and rewarded to the greatest degree.


1ayk 2 years, 10 months ago

With the current mindset of liberals and socialism, this problem will never be solved. According to this society has caused the problem. The culture was deprived and not given a fair shot in life, although they live in the best country in the world (for now). Their parents are relived of responsibility because they have to work for a living, imagine that. The kids are relieved because they have no supervision at home. What to do? Throw money at it. Money that comes from tax payers. I feel sorry for most teachers in the government schools having to deal with these thugs. I say create a reformitory school that makes them live on campus and follow para military standards. Make the parents of these so called wayward youths pay for it, not tax payers. If they can't pay up front then they have to take out a loan. School before a new car or luxury item. But, do not let them back in shcool until the parents bring them under control. No excuses. But, I know this is a pipedream under the mindset of the liberal movement in this country.


Jesse 2 years, 10 months ago

What did the Republican board of elections member say? Where can I find it?


Jesse 2 years, 10 months ago

Found The Little White Plane story, and watched the Board of Elections meeting online. That's very racist and he should resign immediately. Any resident of our community should be offended.


mr_keating 2 years, 10 months ago

In regards to the teachers getting pay for Doctoral degrees, I would like to take it a step farther and see which teachers actually have a degree in the subject that they are teaching. I think this in particularly important in the high schools where knowledge of the content area is intergral in the dissemiation of the information for the students. Why are we paying teachers that have degrees in "how to teach" but have no clue as to "what they are teaching"? I also think that that any teacher having a doctorate in leadership ought to be using that degree for the benefit of the school, otherwise it is just an example of govermental largesse.


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