Rockdale school superintendent visits fire victim

CONYERS -- Rockdale County Public Schools Superintendent Richard Autry visited the mother who lost four of her children in a house fire last week.

Autry reported to the Rockdale County Board of Education on Thursday that he visited Reeba Glass at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta this week.

"I didn't anticipate being able to get in her room," Autry said, adding that when he was about to leave the hospital, the family asked that he come in the room.

"I was most pleased with her spirit," Autry said.

He said that she thanked him and his staff for visiting. Shoal Creek Elementary School's Joe Landerman, who is principal of the school where two of the students who perished in the fire and the surviving student attended, also visited the hospital with some of his staff.

"Knowing the hardship she has endured and will endure, her thanking me left me humbled," Autry said.

He also was encouraged to know that the family is still focused on the education of the 6-year-old surviving boy, who lost siblings Ah'Dariya Glass, 9, Dar'Shawn Glass, 7, Armoni Roberts, 3, and Deon Glass, 8 months, in the fire.

Autry said that Reeba's mother, who also escaped the fire, told him as he was leaving: "You make sure the teachers give (the boy) his work so he doesn't fall behind."

Autry said that the school system will continue to provide moral support to the family and any other support they can provide.

The school board also held a moment of silence for the fire victims during its monthly work session on Thursday. On Friday, a first-grade class at Shoal Creek Elementary and a few fourth-grade student reading buddies released balloons on campus for the lost students.


DestinyInRockdale 2 years, 10 months ago

still have such a heavy heart. my son was a classmate of Dashawn and it has affected him as well. parents use this as a lesson to your children about the dangers of playing with fire.Do not let their deaths be in.vain. my prayers and love to the Glass family


spencerid 2 years, 9 months ago

The school superintendent showed a special attention to the fire victims and he thanked the firemen properly. We all know that a firefighting career is a wonderful decision if you have a high civic responsibility and you like to help other people in the most dangerous situations. This career is not for everyone, you have to make many sacrifices, you won't have time for your family and children. But the personal satisfaction is huge and the monthly wage is big.


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