'On the Beat:' The victim becomes the culprit

"On the Beat" is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

It didn't take Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies long to solve a case they were confronted with in the halls of the Newton County Courthouse recently.

An assistant district attorney came to them with the victim in a case she was trying to prosecute. The man had claimed he was the victim of a strongarm robbery during which his car was taken without his permission and the suspect he named had been arrested and brought to trial.

When the victim got on the witness stand, however, he changed his story and said he wasn't robbed and he had simply "blown the whole thing out of proportion." In fact, he testified, he and the suspect were actually "play wrestling" and that he had given permission to the alleged perpetrator to use the car he had previously said was taken without his permission.

Seems it was all just one big joke, but the people who'd done all the work weren't laughing. The deputies clapped handcuffs on the jokester and charged him with making a false report of a crime.Yuck!-- A woman called the NCSO to complain that someone put a dead squirrel in her mailbox.

-- Another woman complained when somebody hit her house with a potato and scuffed the siding.Tests a waste of time-- A man was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, but when it came time to take the field sobriety test he didn't want to get bogged down in details. "I'm drunk so go ahead and lock me up," he told the NCSO deputy. When the deputy persisted in trying to administer the test, he kept insisting that he was drunk and should just be taken to jail. Finally the deputy agreed and en route the man told him, "I swear I only had five beers."

-- After being stopped on suspicion of DUI and before taking her field sobriety test, a woman declared to a Covington Police officer, "I've had three to four shots of Patron. I'm drunk." She was right. She blew a 0.26 on the Breathalyzer.A family problemA woman called the NCSO to report that while she was in an area Dollar General store, her purse was stolen from her vehicle. She went on to say she knew who did the deed. It seems while she was shopping with just her wallet in her hand, she ran into her cousin and a friend of hers. The woman said the cousin is known to be bad, to take drugs and that the cousin was aware that the woman had been prescribed painkillers. She said she believed the cousin or her friend went to her vehicle and stole the purse. The proof, she said, was that she carried her grandma's ashes attached to her purse and the person who had taken it was thoughtful enough to disconnect the ashes before taking the purse. She reasoned, who else but her cousin would know to do that? In addition to 150 Lortab tablets, a camera and various electronic items were also in the purse.No worriesA woman called the NCSO to say she was the victim of an automobile crash when a white van struck her Jeep. She said six Hispanic men jumped out of the van and looked at her car, told her it was OK, and left the scene. It may have been OK with them, but the woman wanted her front bumper and headlight fixed.Pulling a fast oneA man went to do routine maintenance on a church bus and discovered old tires had been put on the bus to replace two new tires that had just been purchased.I've been robbedA woman rushed right down to a used car lot a month after her vehicle was repossessed to retrieve items she left in the vehicle. Not surprisingly, the items weren't there so she filed a report with the NCSO for the theft of her digital camera, DVDs, CDs, baby stroller, booster seat and personal papers.Yikes!A woman came to the NCSO to complain that her brother is constantly harassing her and her daughter via Facebook and the Internet. Among his threats she said he has said he will kill her, cut her up in pieces and put the pieces in a turtle basket.Step livelyA pedestrian in a McDonald's parking lot told NCSO deputies that as he walked across the lot, a car came speeding around a corner. The driver yelled at him to "move his fat a--" and then took off, running over the man's ankle and striking his elbow. He declined medical attention.When bedliners flyA woman called the NCSO to say her vehicle was damaged by "a flying bedliner" when she was exiting I-20.Huh?A man reported to the NCSO that a man driving a pickup on Washington Street ran over his stove.