Sylvia Lynn Krause died on January 10 2013 at age 68, from pancreatic cancer. Sylvia had lived in Conyers for seven years. She was born in Monroe, North Carolina and moved to New Orleans at a young age. After 32 years, she retired from Mission Hospital in New Orleans. She lived there until Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home, in 2005. Her beloved mother, Claris Austin Krause, was in Hospice care when Katrina hit and died during the storm. Her surviving loved ones are her sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Mike Park and nephew Gabriel Park of New Orleans, Jim Mergy, dear friend, and Deborah Manget, cousin, both of Conyers, and Aloyce Shaw, cousin, of Stone Mountain. A Memorial service will be held at the St. Pius Catholic Church (date to be determined), where she was a faithful member.