Newton Citizen Poll for Jan. 27, 2013

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by emailing poll@newtoncitizen.com or call 770-787-7303, ext. 1349. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"So the people of south Newton County are upset because there has been KKK posters passed around the county. Upset enough to call the Sheriff's Office. Isn't that just like the people of south Newton County -- wasting taxpayer money on something that is legal, because it doesn't agree with them. Maybe we should call the Newton County Sheriff's Office every time the Seventh Day Adventists make their way to our door to distributive their unwanted literature. Maybe we should call the sheriff every time the local advertising rag throws a copy of the local Newton County Neighbor on their driveway. I don't remember subscribing to that. It might even actually be a crime, at least I would think littering is against the law even in Newton County. Heaven forbid the KKK starts printing the KKK Neighbor and throws it wrapped in its white plastic cover on everyone's driveway. I think everyone should take a step back and take a deep breath. Perhaps show a little tolerance. Perhaps even read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the works on which this country was founded. Maybe we should all take a little more time out of our busy day taking responsibility for our own actions and not stick a hand out for government aid ... "

"If anyone read between the lines during Obama's inaugural speech, they would have recognized what he has in mind for our Constitution. He does not believe in it nor abide by what it says. He stated in 2008, that he 'planned to fundamentally transform America.' His agenda for his second term will be to change our Constitution to his way of thinking. Fellow Patriots, we must stand together and voice our objections to make sure that he does not succeed. May God bless America and keep her safe."

"I'm responding to recent comments concerning a website to check salaries for our elected officials. Their salaries are a matter of public record. Go to OpenGeorgia.gov and follow the instructions. All state employees' salaries are listed by the group in which they work. Some of the salaries are quite surprising!"

"Dear parasite: Yes, I'm talking to you. The one who wrote in on the 20th about the perks of owning an EBT card. Simple economics lesson here, to have more for tomorrow you need to use less today. The rate you and the other parasites are moving through the free handouts the money will eventually end, hopefully sooner than later. Now I'm sure you are scratching your uneducated head right now trying to make sense of what I just said. Give up you, will never understand. After the next four years are up you will lose the next election and the funds will dry up. Republicans will cut entitlement and you will be on your own. You won the election this time for the simple fact that nobody wants to vote out Santa Claus. This would be the Democratic president we have in office currently. If the American dream is to sit at home with a hand out, waiting for others to provide, I will pass on the American dream. Now if it's to prosper, push ahead, go into business for yourself, and move ahead in life, to me that is the true definition of the American dream. I will continue to work hard, move ahead, buy nice things, eat at nice restaurants, and drive my nice vehicle. And enjoy the luxury of a nice home. I will leave the malt liquor and Hunts pizza to you and the other parasites. Tonight I will be eating steak and maybe a baked potato. Just haven't decided yet. P.S. This is Chop and I approve this message!"

"A simple immigration plan: Give every illegal until May 5, 2014, to register (violent criminals would be deported at this point). Issue 'Green cards' to any illegal. Anyone without a card at that point cannot work in the U.S. (This would keep new illegals out). Anyone with a card can work but get taxed at a much higher rate until they qualify for citizenship. Put criminal penalties on employers that hire anyone without a card."

"We keep hearing that residents of Newton County should shop locally, eat locally, buy locally. I understand that local businesses pay local taxes, which in turn, help our community. However, recently my family tried to find a nice (non-chain/non-greasy spoon) restaurant where we could enjoy dinner. There aren't any in this county! Everything local is pre-made, fried, or cooked with fat back. Why can't Newton County attract healthy and innovative restaurants? For shopping, we do not have one quality clothing store and have to drive to either Athens or Conyers. Why? Our children do not attend school in this county, because they are subpar at best. Why? If we want locals to stay local, offer something please!"

"I was calling about the Falcons -- San Francisco game Sunday. In my opinion, the Falcons are not going to win no Super Bowl until they learn how to play defense. You cannot leave receivers wide open and don't tackle. You will lose the game. ... I know a lot of people are blaming Matt Ryan. I don't see how you can blame him. The man had almost 400 yards passing, he was directly involved with the scoring, I can't imagine how bad it would been without him. Face it, he gave them a good lead and the defense couldn't hold it."

"Beyonce lip-synching the National Anthem. I think that's pathetic. It should be an honor to sing it front of the president. Lip-synching -- I always thought if you had enough talent you don't have to lip-synch nothing. You can get up there and sing it as simple as that. Now if you don't have enough talent to sing it anytime, yeah, but if you have that talent, you don't have to lip-synch it."

"My comments are for Newton County Commissioner John Douglas. Mr. Douglas appears to be the only elected official in Newton County who cares about our military veterans, both alive and those killed in action. I believe that Newton County still owns the public square in Covington. My concerns pertain to the memorial at the edge of the north side of the Square honoring our veterans who were killed in action. This monument is routinely desecrated and should be moved to a more hallowed and sacred location. The new mayor of Covington (Ronald Johnston, believed to be a non-veteran) and some of his people called Main Street, have changed the Square into a fairground for exhibits and entertainment. They brag about thousands of revelers they bring to the Square. I have seen these people trample flowers at the monument, sit in folding chairs next to it, and put blankets next to it and sit on them and lean against the monument. They let their children use the monument like playground equipment and let their dogs urinate on it as if it were a fire hydrant. The monument is already in a bad location at the edge of the Square. It has the appearance that room could not be found for it on the Square so it was pushed to the edge (to the back of the bus). If a Covington politician doesn't understand what I am saying, they should observe by contrast that the Confederate memorial was placed in the center of the Square. I have seen the mayor of Covington allow film crews to drag their cables and equipment over the monument and use it for a work site for their filming. Those names on the monument are unable to speak for themselves and their honor, and the mayor of Covington certainly does nothing to maintain reverence and dignity, and he seems to even care less."