Newton Citizen Poll for July 21, 2013

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“The nurses at Newton Medical Center are absolutely abused. Never have I been at a medical center of any kind where the nurses have no help. If you want the people of the community to be loyal to your facility, then you should respect and be loyal to your employees. Nursing is a stressful job, and a good nurse is hard to find nowadays. A nurse that is run ragged, is a nurse that is going to make mistakes.”


“The Old Man has been under the weather for a couple weeks and hasn’t much time to do anything but sleep, eat a little and watch TV. I tried to look at some of these new ones coming up but 10 or 20 years ago they would have been classified soft porn. That wouldn’t be too bad except the acting sometimes seems like a fourth grade school play. I suppose over time these young actors will learn to act. Then there are the new shows that always have to have a lot of gunplay and blood and guts. Then the language sounds like a bunch of drunken sailors resisting arrest. (No offence to sailors. I was one a long time ago.) I realize the purpose is to make them as cheaply as possible and there will always be people to watch them. Look at the number who watch the Neanderthals beat their brains out. And then there are commercials. I do believe some of the acting is better than the shows. Not too many though. I turn off the sound and if I can tell what they are selling it is a pretty good commercial. A camel walking though an office talking and nobody listens and then two guys pluck a banjo or something. Haven’t figured that out yet. There are some really beautiful girls flipping their hair around. The trouble is, the forced smiles make them look like they might be sick. I did find several good shows, ‘NCIS,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Science’ and the weather. I don’t watch the news too much. Why is the one trial so important that it has to be televised on every news channel, every day ad nauseam? Well, to each his own. If you like Boo Boo and Kardasian and the Neanderthals, go to it.”


“’The squeaky wheel gets the grease,’ ‘The crying baby gets the milk,’ these are two very popular expressions. What on earth are you talking about some of you are asking yourselves? I will tell you, these are the actions of the whiny … since the verdict of Zimmerman. There was no case to begin with, there was not enough evidence to support the charges brought up against Zimmerman. Also the prosecution and the defense came to an agreement on the jurors, so do not blame them. Laws are set in place for a reason and he was judged by his peers and was found not guilty. If the ruling had been reversed the “crazy crackers” as you call us would have accepted that and moved on being productive members of society. Throw down your signs stop whining, and channel this energy toward going to school and landing a great job. These actions would definitely secure your place as a productive member of society, and less dependent on government handouts. Also you would be too busy with your career and unable to clutter the streets during the work day protesting. On more thing, remember this trial is no different than any other trial, you continue to bring race into the equation not the crazy crackers. That is why this incident has escalated into what we are witnessing today.”


“Tonight the Newton County Commission voted to raise taxes rather than cut the budget and live within our means. I am a Republican and vote that way so I want to make comments about our two district Republican commissioners. First, John Douglas made one of the best speeches I’ve heard on the importance of not raising taxes and county government living within its means. Then he gave some of the other commissioners a ‘Governing 101’ lesson in how the people who pay the bills and elected them should be treated. Maybe he should have run forCongress after all, he just might have been the person to straighten out Washington. He was clearly head and shoulders above the other commissioners this evening. Meanwhile, the other Republican district commissioner, Levie Maddox threw in his lot with the Democrats, sounded like a Democrat and proved himself to be our very own Newton County RINO, Republican In Name Only. He forsook his voters, his district and Newton County for a few pieces of silver thrown his way by the Democrats. When he is through dancing for them, they won’t even remember his name and now, neither will Republicans. Thank you Commissioner Douglas. Commissioner Maddox, we’ll see you on election day.”


“Now that we have a new superintendent of the schools is anything going to be done at Alcovy High School about the single-race counseling department? Would NCSS allow a 100 percent white counseling department? ? NO. So why do have have a 100 percent non-white counseling department at this low achieving school? What about white kids at the school who want to confide in a counselor about racial issues or other issues. Is this worthy of a class action lawsuit for the kids? Fix this, Miss Fuhrey, that is your job.”


“Alls I had to do was go to one board meeting at the BOE Tuesday night and there I saw the lack of leadership on the board these people cant even make a decision on buses for students who act bad all the time over and over and have the cops called. What a lack of leadership BOE.”


“This post is in response to NCSS articles concerning transportation for Omsbudsman students. It is my understanding that one special needs bus is dedicated to transporting these students. I’m sure this bus and driver could be better utilized. In my opinion, students with these disciplinary problems should not be catered to by allowing them to go to school any less hours than any other student in the county. I’ve heard the excuses from parents stating, ‘My child cannot sit still long enough in a regular classroom.’ Come on parents, you are a big part of the problem for not disciplining your children at home. Why should Newton County taxpayers be responsible for a dedicated bus for your out-of control children? In one of the last NCSS articles in the Newton Citizen, it was reported that law enforcement had to be called every day to this bus!!! This is totally absurd!!! The solution to this problem may be as simple as discontinuing this transportation altogether, paying a monitor to ride this bus or evaluating the driver on his/her methods of handling these students. Obviously changes need to be made. This post may ruffle some feathers but I think it needed to be said.”


“I love the way Obama, who thinks the Constitution applies to everyone but him, changes a law (ObamaCare), that he signed into law, for political reasons. He is now exempting businesses from having to initiate the ObamaCare mandate in 2014. Individuals are not as lucky. How fair is this? He is afraid all the businesses will withhold their support for him and all the Democrats running for re-election in 2014. Anyone who thinks this move is anything but political, has their head in the sand. How is it legal to sign a law and then re-do parts of it to your liking? If Romney had been elected and tried this, there would have been rioting in the streets. This attack on our Constitution and liberty must stop! Americans, wake up and recognize what this man is up to, before it is too late!”


Elmo 2 years, 4 months ago

So what if the emporor-in-chief and his self-invented "line item veto" delays obamacare until 2015 for businesses, business people don't live for the moment like most liberals, they plan ahead and project their expenses and profits well into the future.

Obama's "laser-like focus" on jobs has dwindled down to a $2 flashlight with dead batteries. Business people know - based on his past penchant for doing everything he can to stifle job and business growth - that things won't be a bit better in 2015 than in 2014. Hiding obamacare behind the door to lure voters to the polls for the mid-term is the only transparent thing this president has done.

Like a child, he acts as if he covers his own eyes, then no one an see him.

What he is doing is totally self-serving, political, and unconstitutional. His job is to follow the laws, not bend them to the will of his favorite contributors. I'm pretty sure there was something about protecting the Constitution in that little oath he took.


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