GPC to offer Dual Enrollment courses on RCPS schedule

CONYERS — Georgia Perimeter College will offer several college-level courses for the first time following Rockdale County Public Schools’ modified block schedule.

Beginning this fall, the dual enrollment program will offer classes at the Rockdale Career Academy through its partnership. Day A, which will run from Aug. 5 through Dec. 3 and follows the RCPS AB block schedule, will feature two math 1111 classes in third and seventh periods. Day B, which will start Aug. 6 through Dec. 2 and also follows the AB schedule, will feature two English 1101 honors classes in second and fourth periods, an honors economics 2105 class in sixth period and an honors psychology 1101 in eighth period.

“Both the Bridge Act and House Bill 186 encourage secondary and post-secondary institutions to work together. As part of doing so, and part of our GPC goal to create a climate of teamwork and success with local communities, this is the first year ever that we will follow the RCPS AB modified block with our GPC @ RCA classes,” said Jeff Meadors, college-wide dual enrollment coordinator at GPC.

All courses will earn students three semester hours with GPC and one Carnegie unit at their high schools. For courses like economics that require an End of Course Test, students also will return to their high school for EOCT testing, according to Meadors.

The classes are restricted to GPC Dual Enrollment students in Rockdale County Public Schools.

GPC already partners with RCPS to offer DE classes to Rockdale County students at its Newton Campus and online.

“We have worked closely with RCA leadership for years to embed college-credit bearing classes into (Career, Technical and Agriculture Education) pathways,” Meadors said. “These courses, along with our following the AB modified block and RCPS start date, are part of an overall larger vision of creating college classes that support and align with CTAE pathways at the same facility where CTAE pathways are completed.”

Meadors added that over time, the college hopes to build cohorts for whom the classes make sense.

“We don’t want to place superfluous college classes at RCA that don’t align with pathways; we want to work smart and in concert with RCA leadership,” he said.

Students should contact the DE office at GPC’s Newton Campus by calling 770-278-1270 to register for classes. To be in the DE program, students must have a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale; honors students must have at least a 3.5 GPA. They also must have earned either an SAT total of 970 or higher with a minimum 440 in math and 480 in critical reading or an ACT composite of 20 with a minimum of 18 in math and 20 in English.


Zo 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm all for it, but make sure ALL those credits are transferable when moving on to a 4yr university. Proudly you earn an associate's degree with 62 credit hours, but when you transfer like to Georgia State University they only accept 50 credit hours. The games so called higher learning pull over your head.


Colin 2 years, 4 months ago

This seems like an efficient allocation of our better students' time as well as an efficient way to fund and support students moving past traditional high school classes as they are ready. Between this option and all the AP classes being offered, we shouldn't see people on here complaining that their kids are forced to sit in classes with dummies all day.


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