Law enforcement agencies offer handgun safety courses

CONYERS -- To meet the growing demand from residents and show support for the Second Amendment, Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett and Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson are partnering to offer several Citizens Firearms Safety Courses that will start in April.

Rockdale County residents can apply to participate in the first course to be held on Saturday, April 13. The class will be limited to the first 20 qualified applicants who apply on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who do not make it into this class will be placed a waiting list for other upcoming classes. The one-day course will begin at 9:30 a.m. and end around 3:30 p.m. Participants are asked to bring their own lunch.

Course topics will include basic firearms safety, gun laws, and basic nomenclature of revolver and semi-automatic handguns. At the end of the classroom portion of the course, participants will get the chance to use their firearms at the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office firing range under the supervision of certified firearms instructors from both the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and the Conyers Police Department.

"With the recent gun control discussions and the local increase in firearm permits being issued, I am pleased that we are able to offer this course for the residents of Rockdale County," Levett said. "This course will help participants better understand current gun laws and learn ways to be more responsible with guns."

"This cooperative effort between the two departments comes at an opportune time," Wilson said. "With gun purchases and interest in gun ownership on the rise, this kind of course is needed to educate citizens on gun safety and responsibility."

Participants in the courses must meet the following requirements:

-- Resident of Rockdale County.

-- At least 21 years of age.

-- No felony convictions.

-- Provide a legal, modern handgun no smaller than a .380 caliber that will pass instructor inspection for safety and reliability.

-- Provide own ammunition.

-- Adhere to all rules of the RCSO firing range, which will be taught during the classroom portion of the course.

Those interested in taking the course may pick up an application in person at the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office from the Warrants & Civil Division or request an emailed copy. To request an application, please call Wanda Wypasek at 770-278-8058 or email wanda.wypasek@rockdalecounty.org.

Applications include basic participant information, course requirements and a background check. Completed applications must be turned in at the RCSO to the Warrants & Civil Division, along with a copy of your driver's license. The Citizens Firearms Safety Courses are free of charge. The deadline to turn in an application is April 3.


travelingman 2 years, 5 months ago

News Flash! This is simply a ploy for vetting out gun owners among the citizenry of the county. Those who are serious about the Second Amendment will avoid this like the plague. I suppose people will have to bring their own targets, tin cans, and bottles for shooting at as well. And by the way, the correct way to use a gun is not to point it sideways like they do in the movies. This would be so funny if it wasn't true. Such courses encourage liquored up hillbillies to go out and about brandishing their firearms like Joe Pesci like in Goodfellas. Personally i don't own a gun because I don't see a need for it.


superman 2 years, 5 months ago

I'm shocked- but I agree with your points here! Except your last sentence, but to each his own. Don't be surprised when your medical insurance company sends you a form to fill out and ask if you have any guns and how you use them. Your doctor will soon have the requirement to ask as well. I'm just saying, the less they know the better.


MsKito 2 years, 5 months ago

I've already heard some doctors are already doing this. Was shocked to hear that patients are questioned as the whether they have guns, and how many.


Lorenzo 2 years, 5 months ago

The only reasonable explanation for the Citizen printing your posts is comic relief. Now you have stooped to the always mysterious "government conspiracy". The last refuge of the truly uneducated. Of course the Sheriff's Office and CPD will provide all the necessary items for a proper and safe class. You're opinions and comments are much like I imagine you are.....worthless.


BUBBA 2 years, 5 months ago

TM you post was good up to the part about liqoured up hillbillies. It sure seems to me almost all of the shooting suspects are all black males in thier 20s. I dont know any hillbillies running around wearing hoodies robing people. You must be a racist for sure or you cant read the crime reports. I think it must be the racist thing. I feel real bad for you and any family members you mentor. Teaching young people such vile and racist ideas


travelingman 2 years, 5 months ago

BUBBA, I must admit that you have made an excellent point that deserves reflection. You are absolutely right. With that in mind I will state that I am glad that we both aim to support the community although my stereotypical statement did neglect some facts that are too crucial to ignore. The bigger issue is that we have the Second Amendment that is being challenged and ignored by many of the people whom we elect to defend it. And while I personally don't own a gun I will defend your right to own one. Judging by how it was written there really is no argument. And while I may not agree with everyone else on a subject I will defend your right to express your opinion. The purpose of government is to serve the needs of the people and to defend their freedoms in order to preserve a better union. While the preamble to the U. S. Constitution contains a grammatical error, as there is no such thing as a more perfect anything, the spirit of the Constitution endorses the freedoms that all of us are entitled to.


Frustrated 2 years, 4 months ago

You know...I would think anyone that hasnt used a firearm much, if any at all, would appreciate a free gun safety class conducted by law enforcement professionals. I can see someone like TM going out and buying a new gun. After he has the pawnshop employee load it for him he takes it home. He takes the gun out and is admiring how bright and shiny it is. While admiring it, the gun discharges killing a member of his family. Now TM is goinmg to find some fly by night attorney to sue not only the pawn shop owner but the gun maker for making a dangerous weapon. No offense meant TM.


travelingman 2 years, 4 months ago

Frustrated, you've missed the point by over a country mile. Refer to my initial statement. That is where the concerns are. First of all I do not assume that anyone wearing a badge is in fact a professional. Nor do I assume that he is supporting my interests such as the right to own a gun. He may be under contrary orders. This does not imply that we should resort to pawn shop clerks to acquire our expertise. The problem is that there are too many people, including elected officials, out there who want to deprive law abiding citizens of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Many politicians, including Al Gore, state that the Constitution is a living breathing document. Our rights should not be subordinate to the whims of politicians who argue that the Constitution is flexible and subject to change without the consent of the governed.


Frustrated 2 years, 4 months ago

I agree with your point about politicians and the Constitution. We have moved away from the heart and intent of the document these days. It still just amazes me that the Liberals who are shouting background checks and gun bans dont understand that the everyday thug on the street doesnt and wont follow laws. You can put all the checks and balances on the books you want but the fact is criminals will still be criminals.


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