Water main break at intersection

CONYERS — Repairs to a water main break are under way at the intersection of Ga. Highway 138 and Sigman Road.

As a result, Rockdale Water Resources (RWR) is temporarily shutting off water service Friday afternoon in Conyers to surrounding customers in a certain radius of the main break.

Robo-calls were made using targeted ZIP code information to alert those affected.

Businesses and residences on Sigman Road ranging west to Rockbridge Road and east to Gees Mill Road, and on Highway 138 going north to Tatum Road and south to Interstate 20 are affected.

The water main broke around 9 a.m. on Friday during construction work. Workers for the Georgia Department of Transportation were doing some underground drilling when it appears they bored into a water main.

RWR officials are not yet sure when repairs will be complete.

Conyers police are diverting traffic around the incident, which is estimated to impact the area the remainder of the evening.


Clark 2 years, 8 months ago

The GDOT? Why am I not surprised at all. They can't design an intersection worth anything so why should they be able to do construction work worth anything?


ClaytonBigsby 2 years, 8 months ago

Yeah, Clark--GDOT is terrible. Why don't you boycott them and drive only on city streets and county roads? The problem is that our motor fuel tax is too low, and GDOT doesn't have enough money. Add in all the absurd federal hoops that have to be jumped through, and it's a wonder they get anything done at all.


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