Rockdale Citizen Poll for May 5, 2013

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"Rec director job filled by Jackie Lunsford. In your paper on the 24th of April, it states that the job has been filled. Good. In your earlier issues, it had the qualifications of some. Of the last few, two should have never made it, by Human Resources process. Then you state that Chairman Richard Oden apologized as to his conduct at the meeting on the 16th. Mr. Oden was only showing his true colors. You state that he said he was not influenced by any communication he received. He also states by you that too much information about the top three candidates had been released prior to the final selection. I feel that this shows that he needs to be unbiased in all matters of the county, and let race not be in any decision that he makes. He needs to work toward the good of the county. The people elected him to do a 'good' job for all."

"Thank goodness. The Boston bombers acted because of their religion and not as terrorists, as some stupid conservatives voiced. As a bonus they are a couple of white guys. They had no outside help! Really. Who are they kidding? The foundation of modern terrorists is their religion. They don't need a group gathering to become a terrorist, all they need is to read their favorite book. How stupid does the press and U.S. administration think we are? Oh yeah, I forgot -- 50 percent plus one voted for ... proving we are stupid."----

"How will states enforce off-shore entities for online sales tax collection for shipments to the U.S.? The state of Georgia does not have authority over Canada and Mexico. The great tax increase on online sales is supported by many Republicans and Democrats alike. This action is taken to support brick and mortar stores such as Walmart. These stores need to change their marketing strategies rather than having the government intervene. These actions will just move online retailers to go off shore. I can pull up a website from China, Canada and Mexico just as quick as Amazon. The lesson from Circuit City's demise was inability to change. Sales tax is destructive to capitalism; if you buy something, the government punishes you. We will lose those good paying Walmart and Amazon jobs to Canada and Mexico. Sales tax on Etrades will be really good for the economy. Be sure to thank your congressman and senators for having to pay an extra 7 percent of every transaction. Good bye Ebay. Hello Tmall."

"LZ Granderson of CNN wrote an opinion piece that suggested we treat Chicago gang members as terrorists (http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/24/opinion/granderson-chicago-terror/index.html ). I think this is a terrific idea. I think we should expand the notion. Treat all gang members everywhere as terrorists, as well as repeat criminals -- those who have extensive rap sheets of repeat robberies, assaults, molestations, etc. It is time to forget political correctness and handholding crap and understand that some people are just evil to the core. They have no empathy for fellow human beings. Studies suggest that one in 10 people is a sociopath or psychopath -- so quit babying the criminal element. Quit expecting them to 'reform'; the worst of them do not think like you, that's why they do the things they do. Quit blaming discrimination or economic disparities or sad childhoods for what amounts to individual irresponsibility and intentional malicious behavior; a lot of people have lived in poverty or miserable parents without resorting to crime. Criminal terrorists, however, are not criminals because of circumstances but because of a desire to adopt a criminal lifestyle as opposed to a law-abiding one. They'd rather rob and assault others than study in school or work their way up legitimately. They'd rather do this because it's 'cool' to be a thug, it's 'cool' to rebel against authority in all its guises, or they just simply enjoy scaring and terrorizing others. Legalize pot and free up prison space for those who continue to rob and rape and inflict harm on other human beings. Realize that some are bad; they are irredeemable; and they are as detrimental to our society as any Boston bomber."

"I really get tired of people saying that this or that has become 'bad' because prayer isn't allowed anymore. That is utterly ridiculous! If you feel the need to pray, you can pray anywhere. If children want to pray at school, they can pray at school. The catch is no one can force you, me, or anyone else to pray. If there is a problem with lack of prayer it lies squarely with those doing the complaining because my family has always prayed whenever they felt the need."

"Odd how Rockdale Citizen show a picture of new Sheriff Levett, handing out food at McDonald's, but not show the new sheriff cutting the ribbon of the new sheriff's office. For $900k spent on the new office we should see more than an empty podium and truck."

"I was thinking the other day, and it hit me all of sudden that back in 1975 my teachers told me that the day I graduated that I was considered an honor student! They told me it would be an honor for me to never come back! Is that wrong?"

"It is so easy to break into cars. Today at Johnson Park, I saw two men use a 5 to 6 foot long metal wire about the thickness of a fishing pole to unlock the door of an SUV. Why don't the police know about this? It took 1 to 2 minutes to enter a locked car. How many of these wire whips are out there?"----

"My son had his phone stolen on Friday afternoon. A student entered from another room and snatched the phone off the teacher's desk. The teacher called the front office to report the theft and ask for assistance from the resource officer. The next Monday I contacted the front office and gave them and resource officer the name of the student that was bragging about the theft. The front office and resource officer both acknowledged that this student was trouble. They did nothing on Monday or Tuesday to search for the phone. They were glad the student had been transferred to Newton County."

"I just finished reading about the three guys caught for robbing people near the hospital. Why don't our state legislators introduce a bill that would change the prison laws here in Georgia to make life while in prison an unpleasant experience. As a child I can recall the chain gangs on the side of the roadways with swing blades cutting grass. Instead of buying tractors, use the money to pay for armed guards. The prisons are revolving doors because there is no fear in having to go there. Also I am all for floggings for bad behavior while in prison, now prisoners are given what is akin to time out (solitary) for bad behavior. If a person is deemed not worthy of being in society give them incentive to conform to the norms of their society."

"Thank You so much city of Conyers. Removing the basketball goals at Eastview Park was well overdue. Such a nice little park that I can now take my kids to without such foul language, fights and alcohol use. Thank you!"

"I was calling about Darrell Huckaby's article in the May 1 edition, when he was talking about how things used to be in Porterdale, in the '50s. I know exactly where he is coming from. I lived down there in the '50s and he is 100 percent right."


johndoemo_ 2 years, 7 months ago

"It is so easy to break into cars. Today at Johnson Park, I saw two men use a 5 to 6 foot long metal wire about the thickness of a fishing pole to unlock the door of an SUV. Why don't the police know about this? It took 1 to 2 minutes to enter a locked car. How many of these wire whips are out there?"----

  1. Maybe you should have called the police if they were breaking in the car.
  2. How do you know that the cops don't know about the wire tool?
  3. Do you want them to ban 5 to 6 foot long wires?

Elmo 2 years, 7 months ago

As you implied, the "wire" is just a tool. There have been numerous tools over the years to break into locked cars, and even if there were to "ban" the wire; (A) they'll just find a new way, and (B) since when did criminals and thugs give a darn if something is "banned"?

Just like any other inanimate object, the wire can do nothing by itself, it's the human using it who determines the evil it does.

Until crime is met with dire consequences, it will continue, and increase.


johndoemo_ 2 years, 6 months ago

thats why we need chain gangs in Rockdale


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