CPD: Man on drugs uses women’s restroom at Walmart

COVINGTON — A woman and her young daughter were surprised this week when they entered the women’s bathroom at a local retail store to find a man inside using the facilities.

The woman said she took her 6-year-old daughter to the restroom at Walmart on Industrial Boulevard around 8 p.m. Thursday when she saw a man standing in the stall with the door open, according to the incident report filed by the Covington Police Department.

“She stated the male turned away from them, used the restroom, washed his hands and drank water from the faucet before leaving,” the incident report states.

The witness reported the incident to Walmart employees, who contacted the CPD.

The suspect, Kevin Poynter, 29, told Officer Starr Gibbs that he thought he had entered the men’s bathroom and didn’t know he had done anything wrong until a member of Walmart’s staff approached him.

“Poynter denied seeing the woman and child and thought there were urinals in the bathroom he used,” Gibbs reported.

Because of the smell of alcohol on Poynter, officers asked him if he had been drinking.

“Poynter stated that he had consumed two beers and taken one Xanax ‘boxcar’ that was given to him by his neighbor,” Gibbs stated. “Poynter stated that he had an addiction to ‘opiates’ and was going through withdrawals. It appeared that his intoxication caused his poor judgment.”

The officer placed the man in handcuffs, and as she was escorting him to the patrol vehicle, a bottle of pills fell out of his pants leg. A portion of the bottle’s label had been torn off, but the officer noted it was a prescription for lithium made to a female residing in Mansfield. Gibbs stated that the bottle contained four hydrocodone pills and five and a half Carisoprodol pills.

Poynter, who gave police two addresses — 1065 Milstead Ave., Conyers and 28-B Goode Road, also in Conyers — was charged with possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication and drugs not in original container.