Huckaby: ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’

The Founding Fathers never saw this coming, y’all. When they, with the help, I believe, of Divine Providence, wrote the Constitution for the United States of America, they created a wonderful document, full of checks and balances to make sure that no single person, or small group of people seeking their own desires, could control the government. They added a Bill of Rights as soon as the new Constitution was enacted to protect the people from the government.

For a couple hundred years the government worked pretty well for the most part. We have had to make a few changes over the past two centuries, but not nearly as many as you might think. But now we have gotten to the point that a lot of critics feared would come much sooner. We, the people, have ignored what has actually been going on in our government for decades and people are voting and electing people based on all sorts of issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with statesmanship or intelligence or ability to act fairly or wisely on behalf of the people.

Now, as of this writing, the government is shut down, with only non-essential employees working. I know. I know. Everybody wants to know why we have non-essential government employees, and I think they need to come up with a different term to describe the people who find themselves out of work while the self-serving naysayers in Congress play their little blame games.

Barack Obama has been blaming everybody and his brother since the day he took office. For years and years and years he talked about the “mess he inherited” from George W. Bush. Hell’s bells! He didn’t inherit the mess. He spent nearly a billion dollars getting elected to the mess.

Now he says that the “Republicans in Congress” are “holding (him) hostage” because they won’t pass a budget that he will sign. Isn’t turnabout fair play? I presume the House of Representatives could say that the Senate won’t approve the budget they passed and that the president won’t sign the budget they passed.

It is the difference of opinion that makes horse races and there has never been a time in our nation’s history that every American agreed on the best direction for our nation to take. Usually the factions within our nation’s government have found common ground on which to stand while working out a compromise that allows the government to continue to function. Now the men and women who have been elected to lead our country toward the second decade of the 21st century seem to be standing in quicksand and are creating the biggest quagmire our nation has seen in decades.

How did we reach this point? It certainly didn’t happen overnight. The current mess we are in has been years and years in the making and the chasm that divides the two sides of the issue is one of basic ideology. It is not about Obamacare, as most people think. It is a much bigger issue than that. The issue at hand is actually whether the United States of America can continue to follow the same path that has led Western Europe to the edge of a great abyss.

The question is simple. Can the United States of America continue to attempt to be everything to every citizen? Can the U.S. continue to tax its most productive citizens at such a high rate that the politicians can continue to buy enough votes to stay in power with entitlement programs that are full of fraud and abuse? Can we continue to spend money we don’t have and mortgage our grandchildren’s future while dancing today and telling them that they will have to pay the piper — for the rest of their lives?

For the time being, a small majority of the House of Representatives are willing to stand their ground and say “enough is enough” and demand that the other side make concessions in an effort to rein in the spending orgy that has plagued Congress for years. Both sides are using human beings as pawns in their chess game.

The country we live in today doesn’t resemble the nation of a generation ago. Our morals have been corrupted and a majority of Americans have abandoned the pursuit of an active relationship with a higher being. More and more people are turning away from the concept of self-reliance and asking for more and more and more from the public dole. Life is losing its sanctity for many factions of society.

I wonder what we, the people, will do about the situation. If past truly is prologue, I know the answer to my own rhetorical question. We will do nothing. In the words of Pogo, the prophetic possum, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”