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BIRTH: Ariana Straker

Ariana Isabella Straker was born on Feb. 24 at Rockdale Medical Center.

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BIRTH: Charlotte Barhite

Charlotte Barhite was born on Feb. 7.

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BIRTHDAY: Lucile McCollum to celebrate her 100th birthday

Lucile Usher McCollum of Covington will celebrate her 100th birthday on April 5.

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BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: Quinn Olivia Strickland

Quinn Olivia Strickland was born on Feb. 4 at Newton Medical Center.

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BIRTHDAY: Joy Wells celebrated her third birthday

Joy Wells celebrated her third birthday March 12.

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EUGENE ROBINSON: The long shadow of racism

OPINION: Fraternity video illustrates racism still thriving

Fraternities hotbeds of racism

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BIRTH: Nathaniel Leshok

Nathaniel Leshok was born on Feb. 2.

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ANNIVERSARY: Tom and Patricia Abbott 50th anniversary

Tom and Patricia Abbott recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

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ENGAGEMENT: Lauren Boblenz and Roberto Perez

The couple plans to wed in the fall 2015 in Greensboro

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ENGAGEMENT: Emily Leissa and Clayton Johnson

The couple plans to wed June 6 at Gaithers Plantation.

Rockdale/Newton Announcements 2015

Announcements for Rockdale and Newton counties.

Rockdale/Newton Club Meetings 2015

Club meetings for Rockdale and Newton counties.

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JULIE WELLS: Move past your problems and find Jesus

Someone sent me a quote the other day that reads like this: “Don’t allow what has been done to you to become bigger than what Jesus did for you.” (author unknown)

Weekend calendar for Jan. 24 and 25

The Community Calendar is a forum for announcing meetings and events of nonprofit organizations of Rockdale and Newton counties.

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ENGAGEMENT: Will Lazenby and Ashlyn Hollingsworth

The couple plans to wed Oct. 10 at Burge Plantation.