DARRELL HUCKABY: Taking a high-calorie tour of the South

I have been touring the American South for the past week or so, along with 50 of my closets friends — some of whom I even knew before Shane Clayton, World’s Greatest Bus Driver, picked up our group last Thursday morning.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Country music brings us all together

I was standing in the wings at the Ryman Auditorium Thursday and found myself in awe of the ghosts there. By ghosts I mean the spirits of all the magnificent country artists who had stood right there, in the same spot I occupied, waiting for their opportunity to grace that hallowed stage for the first time — or the hundredth.

DAVE BELTON: Haleigh's Law finally wins approval

I am ecstatic to tell you that Haleigh’s Law, the medical cannabis oil bill, passed both the House and Senate and should be signed by the governor this week. Also my bill, Kelsey’s Law against cyber-bullying, is expected to be heard on the Senate floor.

ROBINSON: The mark of terror

We don’t need to know the political or religious views of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Gunter Lubitz to call his crashing of a crowded airliner into a mountainside an act of terrorism.

JACK SIMPSON: Sledge hammer madness

When you and I were school children, we learned the importance of preserving our history and our historical sites, buildings and objects of national significance. We knew that we could learn from such things and apply lessons to our own development.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Ironing puts a wrinkle in travel preparations

I hate to iron. Now, you may be surprised that a sophisticated Southerner like me, raised in the Methodist Church and educated in a large Southern University, even knows which side of an iron to grab, but trust me — I do.

DARRELL HUCKABY: More craziness that leaves me SMH

Sometimes I think the world has gone slap dab crazy. Every time I think I have seen and heard it all, something new comes along.

MARK SHIELDS: Laughter, still pretty good medicine

“There are three things which are real,” said John F. Kennedy, “God, human folly and laughter. The first two are beyond our comprehension, so we must do what we can with the third.”

KRAUTHAMMER: No peace in our time

Peace awaits three things. Eventual Palestinian acceptance of a Jewish state. A Palestinian leader willing to sign a deal based on that premise. A modicum of regional stability that allows Israel to risk the potentially fatal withdrawals such a deal would entail.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Special observance on World Down Syndrome Day

Saturday will be Locklyn’s day for me and my family. I plan to wear blue and gold all day, and I just don’t wear gold on normal occasions. That’s nothing. In New York City they will light up the top of the Empire State Building in blue and gold!

JACK SIMPSON: Hoopla and 'Trust me'

If she decides to make a run for president, and it looks like she will, Hillary Clinton will face many questions about her emails as secretary of state.

JACK SIMPSON: Where there's a will, there's a way

This is an inspiring story, one of true grit, optimism, determination, and hard work. One of setting goals and meeting them, even in the face of adversity. The narrative belongs to Miss Kristen “Cricket” King, a resident of Conyers and a May 2012 graduate of The University of South Carolina, Aiken with a B.A. degree in communications.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Learn the language of a Southern cotton mill

I ran into a fellow linthead this week named Peddy Parker, from Bibb City, in Columbus. He lived near the Hertwigs who later lived near me, in Porterdale. It’s a mill village thing. You may or may not understand.

Tease photo

EUGENE ROBINSON: The long shadow of racism

OPINION: Fraternity video illustrates racism still thriving

Fraternities hotbeds of racism

DARRELL HUCKABY: Time to brace for tornado season

Batten down the hatches, y’all. Tornado season is upon us.