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KRAUTHAMMER: Iran's emerging empire

OPINION: Iran’s march toward conventional domination of the Arab world has been largely overlooked

While Iran’s march toward a nuclear bomb has provoked a major clash between the White House and Congress, Iran’s march toward conventional domination of the Arab world has been largely overlooked. In Washington, that is. The Arabs have noticed. And the pro-American ones, the Gulf Arabs in particular, are deeply worried.

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JACK SIMPSON: The missing man

It isn’t a name we see daily in our local newspaper. Nasr al-Ansi appeared in a video proclaiming responsibility for the attack in Paris of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office bombing where twelve people were killed by Al-Qaeda terrorists. To commander al-Ansi said it was Al-Qaeda that chose the Paris target.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Hard to resist the tides of change

I’m glad you are reading my column, whether you are holding it in your hand and getting good old-fashioned newsprint on your fingertips, or gazing at it on your own devise, be it iPad or computer or even your phone.

MARK SHIELDS: National epidemic of self-esteem

A half-century ago, Russell Baker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, disclosed to his readers the existence of the mysterious kingmaker he called “The Great Mentioner,” who alone had the power to determine the handful of ambitious politicians who were ever lucky enough to get “mentioned” as potential presidential candidates.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The public education circus continues

Wow. Education seems to be all over the news in the state of Georgia this week, and I haven’t seen a lot of positive comments. Go figure.

ROB JENKINS: New college football playoff is an awesome first step

When the new college football playoff system was announced, I thought the move from the two-team BCS championship to a four-team “tournament” was kind of lame—a step that, even if in the right direction, was disappointingly small.

DARRELL HUCKABY: On the verge of the Great American Novel

Seventeen years ago I published my first book, “Need Two.” That’s hard to believe, and “Need Two” is still one of the funniest books that I or Barbara Dooley have ever read. Just ask her; she’ll tell you.

JACK SIMPSON: Mom's road trip

There is a lot of bad weather throughout the nation right now. Rain, mudslides, cold, wind, snow, etc., all hampering travel to somewhere.

MARK SHIELDS: You can delegate authority but not responsibility

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., is that refreshing, if too rare, Washington type: a workhorse rather than a show horse. Kaine has been making a lot of his Capitol Hill colleagues uncomfortable by continuing to publicly point out during the six months U.S. troops have been at war against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria that by refusing to even debate the authorization of military force, they are guilty of an “unacceptable abdication” of their “most solemn responsibility” as members of Congress — to declare war.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Time to blow off a little steam

Late people annoy me. There, I’ve said it.

ROB JENKINS: Stupid things I have said, 2014 edition

Welcome to another edition of “Stupid things I have said.” Once again, I find myself severely limited in terms of space, but if you want to read every one of the stupid things I said over the past year, you can find all my columns online in the Citizen archives.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Bridging the language gap a tough row to hoe

A few of my former students, home from college, came by to visit me last week. I love seeing the kids I was able to torment in the name of education. Just kidding. Just kidding. But it really does make me feel good when the kids care enough to stop by.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Treasured principles under attack in Paris

I love Paris. I used to hate Paris. Then I went there. It is an incredibly beautiful city, especially at night. They don’t call it “The City of Lights” for no reason.

JACK SIMPSON: Grandma's home remedies would come in handy during flu season

This holiday season we heeded warnings to get the flu shot. In spite of being in compliance, my spouse and I joined all of the other sick folks in Georgia. Even so, we are not among the 12 people who have died and the hundreds hospitalized. For this, we are thankful.

JEFF MEADORS: Avoiding student loans is all in the numbers

Class of 2015, check your numbers and avoid student loans that dog many Americans into their Medicare years.