ROB JENKINS: Which type of parent are you?

We all know some parents are too strict and others too lenient. But according to research conducted by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, it’s not quite that simple. Parenting styles can actually be placed on a continuum, with four main types.

DARRELL HUCKABY: A baseball legend turns 90

While I wasn’t playing real close attention Yogi Berra turned 90 last week. Where did my childhood go?

JACK SIMPSON: Say hello to good news about coffee

My wife is a person who loves a good cup of coffee with breakfast. Sometimes she gets frustrated when going to her favorite grocery store only to find her favorite coffee is not on the shelf. She is among those folks who agree that breakfast without a good cup of “Joe” just is not breakfast.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Honor those who have served our nation

I never like it when news commentators — or man-on-the-street witnesses — describe accident scenes or natural disasters as “looking like a war zone” unless they have, in fact, been in a war zone. I haven’t.

LETTER: 'Strong chair' or 'strong arm'?

The “strong chair” option favored by the citizens committee working on the form of county government can more accurately be described as “strong-arm.”

MARK SHIELDS: Answer to one question unnerves Democrats

Hillary Clinton, according to the reliable Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released earlier this month, defines the 2016 presidential race.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Graduation send-off for T-Man

Graduation has always been a special season for me and I have been to hundreds. Many involved my own children. Many involved students I had taught and nurtured over the year, students that I truly hated to see go.

ROB JENKINS: ‘Government’ schools? Maybe — but in America, we’re the government

My wife and I have raised four honor students, four varsity athletes, two Eagle Scouts (soon to be three), two gainfully-employed college graduates (so far), and three academic scholarship recipients (soon to be four).

DARRELL HUCKABY: Serenity and beauty in Portland, Ore.

I could live in Portland, Ore. I couldn’t live in many places without grits or sweet iced tea or Republicans, but I could live in Portland.

Baltimore’s problems not rooted in racist police

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced a Justice Department investigation to determine whether the Baltimore Police Department’s practices are unconstitutional and violate civil rights; in short, whether or not the police force there is racist.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Godspeed to purveyor of hope and healing

Three years ago, give or take a prayer here and an injection there, my lovely wife, Dr. Lisa, and I sat nervously in an examination room in a Houston, Texas, clinic waiting to see Dr. Lance Pagliaro.

JACK SIMPSON: Beware the Green Dot scam

Judging from the large number of complaints, there is a major “boogey man” loose in the neighborhood — ‘’The Unsolicited Green Dot Debit Card.”

LETTER: The dangers on our roadways

I want to thank the Citizen for raising the life-saving issue of road safety. Too often, media outlets inflate fears about Ebola or ISIS while dangerous drivers are the silent killers in our communities.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Summer once meant time for kids to be kids

Yes, friends, it’s May, which means school is almost out and it is time for my thoughts to drift back to those endless and idyllic days of my childhood summers, in Porterdale.

LETTER: Partners in Education are unsung heroes of the school system

One of the things Newton County School System is most proud of is the support we receive from our numerous Partners in Education.