MARK SHIELDS: Uneasy coexistence — politics and religion

Regular readers may remember the “Shields rule,” about the tension between organized religion and politics. It goes like this: With but one exception, ministers, priests, rabbis and imams — men and women of the cloth — should stay out of all partisan American politics.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Catching up on a week's worth of news

What a week I chose to tune out the news. I got a recap over the weekend and to tell you the truth, I liked the Supremes a whole lot better when Diana Ross was in charge rather than John Roberts.

This week's Rockdale Citizen Poll question

Rockdale Citizen Poll question

ROB JENKINS: Four men's 'fashions' that don't look good on any man

I lay no claim to the title of fashion maven—even though one of my kids did recently tell me I have “style.” The fact that this pronouncement was followed by a request for money should in no way cast doubt on its sincerity.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Advice for a marriage filled with happiness and joy

I have looked forward to this occasion for 26 years, ever since I looked down at that screaming little red-faced bundle of joy and named him Jackson Lee Huckaby, and I have prayed that he would find a wife that was as kind and loving and God-fearing as he has become.

JACK SIMPSON: Carry guns with common sense

Guns are once again a major topic of conversation. Charleston was mourning the loss of nine of its fine citizens in one of its historic sanctuaries.

Rockdale Citizen Poll question for June 27

Rockdale Citizen Poll question for June 27

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Newton BOC deserves thanks for heeding citizens on landfill issue

What appears to be the imminent demise of the controversial Green Hill P3 landfill contract occurred so swiftly at Tuesday’s BOC meeting that some who witnessed the action are still slack-jawed with disbelief.

ROB JENKINS: This Father's Day, consider the devastating consequences of fatherlessness

Father’s Day, for me, always brings a range of emotions, foremost of which is gratitude. I’m grateful for all the fathers who have had such a tremendous influence for good on my life: My father and grandfathers, my uncles, my wife’s father, my son-in-law, my brother and brothers-in-law.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Forty-four pounds to football season

I have reached a conclusion, y’all. I hate to admit it. You don’t understand how badly I hate to admit it. Perhaps the worst part of admitting that I have reached this conclusion is that it proves that my lovely wife Lisa is right, and has been right for a long time — and I have been wrong.

JACK SIMPSON: U.S. at war in cyberspace

Media reports tell us hackers, probably based in China, have gained access to some of our government computers and have stolen some personal records and highly sensitive intelligence data.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Annual Conference carries on the work of God

It’s hard to have lived as long as I have and done the things I’ve done and still find new experiences — at least those that I am physically able and morally willing to experience. But I found something new to do this week. I attended my first ever North Georgia (UMC) Annual Conference.

LETTER: Businesses deserve protection from patent trolls

This country’s business owners need and deserve the Patent Act to provide protection against frivolous patent infringement claims.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Tommy Emmanuel can flat play a guitar

My friend invited me to a concert at one of those funky venues in Little Five Points. If you haven’t visited Little Five recently, think 10th Street in the late 1960s. All that’s missing is the Great Speckled Bird.

DARRELL HUCKABY: This unabashed patriot honors the flag

Sunday, June 14, is Flag Day. Old Glory. The Red, White and Blue. The Star Spangled Banner. The day set aside by Woodrow Wilson to commemorate the adoption of our flag by the Continental Congress in 1777. I bet there aren’t a dozen people in the area who knew that. Now there are a whole bunch of us that do.