DARRELL HUCKABY: Time to give blue its due

It is September. August is a fading memory and autumn is on the way. Football is about to dominate many of our lives for the next three or four months, and the pumpkins we planted in the fields we plowed in April will soon be harvested.

JACK SIMPSON: Among many choices, water is still the best

I noticed an associate used to bring a bottle of pop with him to work daily. I guess he sipped on it throughout the time spent at his desk and it gave him that boost in energy he needed.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pine Valley Mission served many for nearly 25 years

The volunteers who operated the Pine Valley Mission reluctantly closed the doors on Sunday, July 26. The mission was one of the oldest community services, charitable-type organizations in Newton County having been in existence for close to 25 years.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The way it is isn't the way it should be

I find myself longing for the Conyers — and the surrounding areas — that used to be. And I don’t care what anyone says, it used to be a better place to live than it is now.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The soundtrack of life on a sleepless night

Listening to music is good for the soul. Every evening as I try to fall asleep, I plug my headphones into my iPad and allow some tunes to permeate my being. It helps relax me — even if I am listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd rocking the house and not the soothing sound of Elvis singing “Peace in the Valley.”

LETTER: Thanks to Partners in Ed for their support

It’s been a fast-paced start to the school year, but I would be remiss if I didn’t stop and take a moment to thank some very special people who helped us get the year started off right.

DARRELL HUCKABY: No finer destination that the village on the Yellow River

I had always wanted to attend a destination wedding, and now I have actually hosted one — and it was magical. The destination was Porterdale, and there is no other place I would rather have been last Saturday night than awash in a flood of memories on the banks of the Yellow River in the North Georgia mill town that I will forever call home.

COMMENTARY: We all must let go of racial hatred

Many of us, irrespective of ethnicity, have harbored hate in our hearts towards someone based solely on skin color at some point in our lives.

YARBROUGH: One of Georgia Tech’s ‘Lost Dodd Boys’ looks back on the experience

Looking for something nice to say about Georgia Tech led me to Marietta in search of one of the “Lost Dodd Boys” — the last group of high school seniors to sign with Georgia Tech football coach Bobby Dodd, but who would never play a down for him.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Carter faces new challenge with typical character, calm

My buddies and I were standing in line outside the Georgia coliseum, waiting to trade in our football ticket coupons for actual game tickets for the upcoming weekend. That’s the way they did it back in the day, and if you think obtaining football tickets was complicated without computers you should have seen registration.

ROBINSON: How to compete against Trump?

It has dawned on the Republican presidential field that Donald Trump’s inevitable self-destruction might be, gulp, evitable. Waiting for the unlikely front-runner to beat himself is starting to look like a plan, as Trump might put it, for total losers.

JACK SIMPSON: Trump’s antics not befitting a president

I don’t get it. Please forgive me. We now have a candidate for president who seems not to have competence for the job, yet leads in the polls!

DARRELL HUCKABY: A tale of two — or three — parking tickets

I came home from the golf course Thursday afternoon and the beautiful Julie Hinton Rogers was sitting cross-legged in the floor of my basement man cave, helping my lovely wife Lisa create flower arrangements out of baby’s breath, roses and cotton bolls. When you are preparing for a wedding there is no telling what you might find.

SOWELL: Random thoughts on the passing scene

Stupid people can cause problems, but it usually takes brilliant people to create a real catastrophe.

MARK SHIELDS: Why Bernie Sanders’ big crowds count

When Democratic presidential candidates have campaigned in Los Angeles, it has usually been around a private fundraising event featuring Barbra Streisand or Steven Spielberg or George Clooney — or some combination of the three.