Look deeper than unsubstantiated claims about newspapers

The Rockdale News claimed Saturday that as a weekly newspaper it distributes more editions in a week and contains more local news and photos in a week than the Rockdale Citizen. If this is what they consider to be credible information, their readers ought to be concerned.

OUR VIEW: Georgia needs more sunlight

While efforts by new Attorney General Sam Olens have aimed at shining more light on government -- something we applaud here at the opening of Sunshine Week -- a much less visible effort is being launched in the Georgia Senate to hide critical information from the public.

OUR VIEW: Blushing to help save lives

Notice something different about the Citizen today?October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Citizen hopes to do its part to help raise awareness by publishing today's newspaper on pink newsprint and asking our readers to "Read Pink." To help in the awareness campaign, a portion of the proceeds from today's paper will be donated to three local organizations that support breast cancer research, treatment and prevention -- the Kimberley Chance Atkins Foundation, Newton Medical Auxiliary/Hope Boutique and LifePoint Community Foundation/Rockdale Medical Center.

OUR VIEW: Five years later, New Orleans still in danger

As the fifth anniversary of Katrina came and went Sunday, a question came to mind: Is the city of New Orleans any safer from that type of disaster today?The answer is: Probably not.

OUR VIEW: Elections need to be cleaned up

For anyone who's ever wondered where the old saying that "politics makes for strange bedfellows" means, just look at a couple of recent statements released by the National Deal gubernatorial campaign regarding Karen Handel.

OUR VIEW: Our students need a push to success

Earlier this month, Georgia joined 20 states in adopting a set of standards for what students should be expected to know at certain points in their education.

OUR VIEW: SPLOST will give county needed push

Rockdale County voters will have an opportunity on July 20 to ensure that the county continues to move forward over the course of the next six years.

OUR VIEW: Big numbers hide truth on employment

You would think that Friday's employment report that the United States had added 431,000 jobs in May, the biggest monthly gain in 10 years, would be welcome news. That's especially true when you also consider the added employment dropped the national unemployment rate two-tenths of a point to 9.7 percent.

OUR VIEW: Newton better due to Mr. Roy

Words cannot adequately express the loss that Newton County has experienced with the death of former Newton County Commission Chairman Roy Varner.

OUR VIEW: Graduation a big step to adulthood

The caps and gowns have been handed out, the announcements mailed, the diplomas printed. And now hundreds of high school seniors look forward to the moment tonight and Saturday when they will officially become high school graduates. Whether a student is finishing at the top of the class or barely squeaking by, the occasion is a momentous one for students and families throughout the community.

OUR VIEW: Lower prices for gasoline a welcome relief

Memorial Day is right around the corner, so motorists are getting prepared for the prices at the gas pump to ... fall.Odd as that sounds, that's what experts are predicting.

OUR VIEW: Mahaffey too young to die so soon

The words of Rockdale County Sheriff Jeff Wigington couldn't have been more appropriate when he described this community's loss of one of its finest: "Way too young to die so soon."

OUR VIEW: A costly lesson for the council

The Covington City Council has reversed its position on holding an out-of-town retreat at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa, agreeing in principle to cancel the reservation and hold the meetings locally.

OUR VIEW: Nesbitt failed to use good judgment

We can debate from now until the proverbial cows come home whether comments on Rockdale County Commissioner Oz Nesbitt's Facebook page were racist or not. Bigoted or not. Prejudiced or not.

OUR VIEW: Don't delay ban on texting while driving

A motorist has no business driving and typing at the same time, and it's only common sense for the General Assembly to nip in the bud the increasingly popular pastime of texting while behind the wheel of a vehicle.