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Think Tank will represent best interest of citizens

Think Tank is designed to build unity among county residents.

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LETTER: Next steps on Bear Creek Reservoir project

The Newton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) held a lengthy work session Nov. 5 to hear a progress report on the Bear Creek Reservoir. Recent criticism of the project by federal agencies, several state environmental groups and local residents generated a call for an update on the project

LETTER: Honored to serve

I am incredibly honored to be writing this letter after a very competitive election cycle. It seems amazing, but our team has been non-stop campaigning for nearly 11 months.

LETTER: Voters reject Obama's agenda

It took six long years for the electorate to recognize and acknowledge that Obama’s agenda of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” is not in the best interest of the country.

LETTER: Van Ness a dedicated public servant

The citizens of Rockdale County do not need a new and inexperienced person in the Post 2 chair when we already have JaNice sitting there.

LETTER: Misstep on Bear Creek could be costly

The Bear Creek Reservoir is the largest financial investment facing Newton County today. It is a bigger issue than the 2050 Plan and whether or not we have an illegal form of county government.

THOMAS: Houston pastors fight censorship challenge

For a government official to try to intimidate or censor speech from the pulpit, or any other form of communication, is clearly unconstitutional and this effort by Houston’s mayor should not survive a single court challenge.

LETTER: Consider cumulative effects of water supply reservoirs

Others in our community have effectively pointed out many of the problems with construction of the Bear Creek Reservoir. However, not much mention has been made of the cumulative environmental impacts such projects can have on our river systems.

LETTER: Writer should take her own advice

It’s October and we’re approaching Halloween. Across Rockdale County, scores of children of all ages will dress in costume and pretend to be someone/something that they are not. Most will be dressed as comic book characters or princesses and will be crying out “Trick or Treat.”

LETTER: Questions remain about BOE integrity

Sam Smiley, letter, Lexicon, Travis Collins, Rose Collins, Rockdale County Board of Education, rockdale public schools, RCPS Foundation

I would like to address comments made in a letter to the editor from Richard Sparkmon published on Oct. 1 that were directed at me and my remarks at a recent Rockdale Board of Education meeting.

LETTER: Democrats 'muddy the waters of truth'

In response to Tommy Plummer, acting chair of the Rockdale Democrat Party, with regard to the letter of Friday, Oct. 3 speaking of your members’ “outrage,” I shall counter with the truth.

Rockdale Board of Elections action on Sunday voting 'obstructive'

The Rockdale County Democratic Party is outraged by the action to deny its members the opportunity to vote on the issue of Sunday voting recently taken by the Rockdale County Board of Elections.

LETTER: Comments unfair to Lexicon

I think that everyone will agree that the decision by the Rockdale County Public School System to purchase tablets for pre-K through third grade and high school teachers is a very progressive decision.

LETTER: Remember history's lessons with accuracy

Darrell Huckaby (Citizen, Sept. 10, 2014) asks if we have forgotten in regards to the lessons of 9/11.

LETTER: Newton commissioners reach new low point

The Newton County commissioners reached a new low point at their meeting on Sept. 16. It was predictable, but oh so disappointing.

LETTER: BOC methods disappointing

The structure of county government was on the Newton County Board of Commissioners agenda again at its Sept. 2 meeting.