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Huckaby: I will live life to the fullest and not be controlled by fear

It was said after 9/11 that we must not live in fear, that we must continue to live our lives, as Americans. That is exactly what I choose to do.

Hard-working college kids like Malik McCrary will rise to the top

we hear so much about kids these days, kids who are lazy and entitled and who want everything handed to them on a silver platter, that it is nice to be reminded that there are still plenty of good kids around like Malik McCrary — kids who are smart, who go to school and do right and learn and prepare themselves for a career and who don’t mind, when they have some time off, to work hard for a few extra dollars to spend.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The Thanksgiving list goes on for 51st year

I started counting my blessings in print as part of an eighth-grade writing assignment, one I made an F on, because my teacher, Mr. J. T. McKay, didn’t like the fact that I was copying the style, although not the content, of the late Furman Bisher. Everybody’s a critic. I liked what I had done, even if Mr. McKay didn’t and have continued the practice each year, often just for my own benefit.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The passing of a great tradition

There used to be an old saying, “the more things change the more they stay the same.” I don’t hold with that saying anymore. The more things change, these days, the more they change.

DARRELL HUCKABY: What a difference 40 years can make

My daddy had cataract surgery in 1965. I remember the year because my cousin, Buck Bouchillon, took me back and forth to visit my dad at the Georgia Baptist Hospital on Boulevard Avenue in Atlanta a few times while he was there, and every time he did we went out toward Georgia Tech to eat at the Pick-Rick, where Lester Maddox was handing out pick handles. Buck said it was part of history. It was.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Good men must act against evil

Most Muslims are peaceful and abhor the terrorist attacks in Paris and around the world, just as we do. I would be willing to concede that point. And so they sit by silently and watch the carnage that is occurring in the name of the god they worship, Allah, perhaps through fear of repercussion. Edmund Burke once said that all that is necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Missouri under the microscope again

Talk about the tail wagging the dog! The so-called leaders of the University of Missouri have shown a greater lack of spine and backbone that any group of educators since the Gwinnet County eggheads fired Doc Neace.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Veterans deserve our best every day of the year

It is Veteran’s Day and we, as a nation, still have the good sense, so far, to honor those who have served and provided us with the freedoms we enjoy.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Sometimes you have to speak up against revisionist history

As I travel the world, listening to tour guides, I hear a lot of misinformation. People who think they know everything really aggravate those of us who do.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The college football I love is no more

I am sad today. I have been sad for a week now. My heart is heavy because one of the loves of my life is suffering a slow and painful death. College football, once one of the highlights of my annual pilgrimage around the sun, is being ruined. It is no longer a game — it is just a business. Jesus said, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” He wasn’t just whistling “Dixie.”

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